It’s December and the TSI building project is more than halfway complete! Although it’s been said many times, the project progresses and changes before our very eyes in the midst of a pandemic. God is providing a tangible gift for us all to look forward to during this heavy and difficult time.


There are three main sections of the project that are considered “new build” and each of them are at different stages. We also have additional areas we are renovating.

  • In the middle school wing, crews are working hard at finishing the exterior and interior.
  • In the main secondary section, we are also doing quite well timewise. This is one of the areas visible from the road and has been fun to watch its steady progression.
  • In the learning commons and front reception (also visible from the road), the installation of the window glazing on the east side will be a beautiful feature and we are looking forward to more progression in the coming weeks.
  • Many sections are being renovated (especially in the secondary).


The middle school wing: December is a crucial month in terms of completing the interior.

  • The painting is almost completed in all rooms and the final touches will be added.
  • The music room will receive some special “dampers” in the ceiling and millwork will get installed. The doors are expected to be completed and finishing touches will be added.
  • Installing the final millwork, installing doors, and purchasing and placing furniture in the classrooms.
  • The new Learning Support Services (LSS) room will have millwork installed and doors installed, and furniture purchased and placed.
  • Installing lighting throughout all classrooms, collaboration spaces, and open areas.
  • Completing the installation of flooring throughout entire interior.
  • Wayfinding will be decided and installed.

The secondary wing: We will be working on the exterior and interior this month.

  • Interior painting will continue.
  • Exterior cladding will start to be installed.

The Learning Commons and front reception: Some important additions will happen in December.

  • Steel stud framing will continue to be installed.
  • Electrical and plumbing will continue to get roughed in.
  • Window glazing on the large curtain wall on the east side will be installed.

Renovations of current spaces at the secondary campus:

  • The downstairs international students department offices and waiting area is completed and ready for occupancy.
  • The cardio room is completed and ready for occupancy.
  • The secondary admin wing is receiving a significant makeover with new interior windows, new flooring, moving a few walls, demolishing millwork, new electrical and HVAC to support updated spaces, mudding, taping and painting, and installing doors where needed. Completion is targeted for mid-January.

Thanks again for your prayers and support, especially during this unsettling time. We continue to celebrate this project as a community project, and have appreciated the many levels of support we continue to receive here at This Square Inch.

If you have any questions or concerns, please be in touch.

Julius Siebenga, Executive Director 
Steve Atsma, TSI Project Coordinator 

Thanks to our trade partners who have already contributed to the project: