At ACS, we aim to be so much more than just a school!  We like to use words like innovative, street smart, entrepreneurial, and courageous to describe ourselves. But don’t just take our word for it—we asked on Facebook for people to choose one word to describe ACS and here’s what they came up with:

Family Prepared Fun Amazing
Warm Blessing Relational Fruitful
Caring Involved Community Shine
Intentional Shaping Love Light

In Their Words

“I feel so blessed to go to such an unreal school like Abbotsford Christian School. Thank you for your care throughout the years. It was more than just a high school for me.”

Jun, Grade 12 student


The mission of Abbotsford Christian School is simple, but clear: “Engaging minds, nurturing hearts, and shaping God’s world.” It might not be a lot of words, but it is sure packed with meaning for us. So what do each of these phrases mean? What does this mission look like in real life? Here’s the answer:


Project-based learning is involving students in  real  work, with a  real  need, for a  real  audience.  Often it is multi-disciplinary (like the real world), it includes 21st Century skills (like collaboration and use of technology), it includes a significant entry event, it answers a driving question, it connects students to adults in industry, it stretches their inquiry, it has a social justice component,  and it requires a presentation. One project included the secondary foods and biology classes combining to host a banquet of sustainable seafood for parents, community members, and professionals. All of this occurs in the context of what it means to SHAPE GOD’S WORLD in this 21st Century.

As image bearers of our King, we believe that in partnership with parents, our responsibility as educators is to  develop students from the inside out.  So in age appropriate ways: we focus on their faith and identity as a Christian, we seek to develop original thought, and we teach students how to think as opposed to just what to think. It’s not about academic excellence that will determine the quality of life of the child (although important); it’s a whole-person perspective that builds a strong Christian worldview to equip them to SHAPE GOD’S WORLD and live into His vision for them.

There is a considerable amount of risk and innovation involved in being an entrepreneur. We believe this type of person SHAPES GOD’S WORLD and we set up our education to reflect attaining this in age appropriate ways (see project-based learning). Entrepreneurs are not only book-smart, they are also street-smart, think outside the box,  and have a high level of Emotional Quotient (EQ). We don’t just study about Africa in a textbook, we research a particular industry in a particular culture, we study how to make a business plan, and we execute the business plan for a real world micro-loan organization that supplies money to a single mom for a start-up business in Uganda…and all of this in grade 6!

We believe that every child deserves to have their full potential realized. Every child is unique and has a different set of strengths. We want to pattern our structures, our teaching styles, and our strategies to  tailor to the needs of each individual student.  As a community, we do this through relationships as we seek to know each child. We want each student to feel they belong so they feel safe and secure to learn and realize their potential.

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