We hope you’ll consider ACS for Kindergarten!

We know that this is one of the biggest decisions you will make for your family and that’s why we’d love the opportunity to show you some of the reasons we think ACS might be a fit for you.

  • One of our core values is to provide  CUSTOM-FIT  learning for your child. School shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all and we’re committed to educating your child in the way they learn best.

  •   PLAY-BASED LEARNING  is where it’s at! Few of us learn best by sitting at a desk with a worksheet. That’s why our kindergarten teachers use play-based activities and projects that allow kids to explore, discover, and jump into their learning with both feet!

  • We offer   PART-TIME   & full-time Kindergarten (more choices for you!). Plus our elementary campus features a complete music program and French beginning in grade 1 (with dedicated teachers in both subjects). 

  • Most importantly, we are committed to developing not just the MIND of your child, but also their HEART and SOUL.  Because we believe in educating the  WHOLE CHILD


You may be feeling a little overwhelmed with all the ideas and information here. If you have any questions (we’re assuming you do), please feel free to chat with one of our teachers or plan a time to come in and visit with Karin Riemer, our principal. Until then, we thought we’d share a few of the most common questions we get about Kindergarten at ACS:

A:  Most kids don’t have a moment they are ready for Kindergarten…in fact many aren’t ready! But here are a few good indicators they are well on their way. He/she can: sit quietly for up to 10 minutes, zip up his/her jacket, hold a pencil properly, toilet independently, and cope with new situations. Of course every child is different, so please connect with us if you have any concerns.

A: Other than the things mentioned above, here are a few things you can be working on with your child: recognizing their name in print, using scissors, recognizing some letters and numbers, and printing their name beginning with a capital.
A: Learning happens best when it comes out of our natural place of interest. Because we aim to have a custom-fit education for each child, our goal is to meet your child where they are at, and then help move them along to the next step in their learning journey.
A: For many children, Kindergarten is an especially anxious time. We recommend that you actively look for opportunities to “practice” leaving your child with others—perhaps Sunday School or a playdate. When it comes to the first few days of Kindergarten, parents are welcome to stay until their child is settled and help them with this transition. If this continues to be a concern after that first bit, then we will work on creating a plan with you.

A:While every day is a little different and we like to be flexible to the needs and interests of the class, here is a typical outline of a kindergarten day:

  •  Devotions, prayer, and singing
  • Calendar: letter of the week and number of the day
  • Reading, theme, math, science, play and art centres.
  • Snack and recess
  • Story and theme activities
  • Lunch and recess 
  • Bible, PE, Show & Tell
  • Free choice centre playtime
  • End the day with prayer

A: Students in both part-time and full-time cover the exact same material. The main difference is children in full-time have more time to practice, reinforce, and apply the concepts in class. Parents of part-time students are expected to help with reinforcement of weekly concepts at home: through games, homework, and everyday activities. There are two choices for part-time kindergarten: Monday/Wednesday with the occasional Friday or Tuesday/Thursday with the occasional Friday.


If you like what you see and are ready to apply, feel free to fill out our inquiry form.  Our admissions coordinator will be happy to chat with you about any questions you have and what the next steps are.