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Hwanyeong hamnida. Youkoso. Willkommen.
Huanying. Bem-vindo. Welcome!

We’re excited to introduce you to the International Student Program of Abbotsford Christian School.

ACS is a vibrant educational community where students grow in both knowledge and character. We are committed to high academic standards and offer a wide variety of educational programs that are taught from a Christian perspective. We are proud of the fact that many ACS graduates go on to attend leading universities throughout North America.

Whether you’re interested in elementary, middle, or secondary enrolment, we provide a unique program for our international students and accept students who are interested in experiencing Canadian culture and developing their English skills, as well as students who are interested in graduating from a Canadian high school.

Our experience with international students has helped us to recognize and meet their unique needs—whether it’s adjusting to a new culture, understanding a new educational system, learning to communicate well in English, or simply making friendships. We ensure that our students receive the support they need, not only to be successful academically but also emotionally and spiritually. Our International Student Coordinator and English Language Learning teachers work hard to ensure the success of each of our students.

International students play an integral role in the student body culture at ACS. We’re excited to celebrate the diversity of cultures while we grow in a deeper understanding of global issues and perspectives. We have been welcoming international students into our community for well over fifteen years—students from such varied countries as South Korea, China, Japan, Nigeria, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, and Germany.

Our International Student Program

  • Students are fully integrated into regular Canadian classes.
  • Limits are placed on the number of international students at each grade level in order to ensure students develop English language skills and integrate with Canadian students.
  • We have a comprehensive English Language Learning (ELL) Program that is coordinated across all three campuses.
  • ELL teachers give highly individualized attention to students by teaching them one-on-one or in small group settings. This occurs at scheduled times during the regular school day and focuses on supporting students in their regular Canadian classes.
  • Once or twice a week, students participate in after-school classes which specifically focus on English writing, reading comprehension, speaking, and listening skills. These classes also help students adjust to the Canadian education system and culture.
  • The International Student Coordinator helps families and students adjust to life in Canada.
  • Translators are hired to ensure clear and concise communication between ACS and all students and families.
  • The Academic Counsellor assists students with course selection and career and university planning.
  • For students 13 and older who want to study in Canada and cannot be accompanied by a parent, we provide a homestay program.
  • Medical insurance is covered through the school.
  • We organize activities to allow secondary school students to experience Canadian life and culture, such as an overnight retreat, skiing, swimming at Cultus Lake, and much more.
  • The Ambassador Program (secondary) and Buddy Program (elementary and middle) match new students with hospitable Canadian students who will help them adjust to the many differences in education and school life.
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