We couldn’t do it without you! (Seriously. We’re not just saying that!)

Your support means so much to us. One of the best ways to help ACS provide  affordable Christian education  is through a financial donation. Your support helps families in our community who want to equip their children to make an impact in this world for the Lord, and give kids amazing opportunities like the grade 7 Newcastle Island trip.

ACS is a registered Canadian charitable organization, so your gifts are tax deductible. In Canada, regardless of which tax bracket you are in, your donations are given the highest possible credit. For example, a $100 donation would reduce your taxes by $43.70, making your net cost only $56.30.

Every donation helps and we thank you for your generosity and for supporting our mission!


Do you have equipment or other materials that you think the school could use? Do you have a valuable collection of books, art or other artifacts, antiques, or a vehicle? Items of value will be accepted by the school, and a tax receipt may be issued for the independently appraised value of the gift.

Leave a lasting legacy, honour a loved one, promote a specific area of interest or raise the profile of a corporation or business through an endowed or annual award. Scholarships and bursaries ensure quality Christian higher education is available for deserving students.

You have the opportunity to name the award; be a part of deciding who qualifies for the award, and you decide how it will be funded. Once a year, you’ll have the opportunity to meet the award recipient at our commencement ceremony. And of course, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve given the gift of an educated future. Traditionally, our Scholarship and Bursary awards generate over $80,000 each year for graduates of our school as they move on to pursue what is next in their lives.

Annual awards are funded yearly and require a minimum annual investment of $100 as well as a commitment to fund the award for a mutually agreed upon number of consecutive years.

Endowed awards require a minimum investment of which can be given in a lump sum, paid over five years in monthly or annual contributions, or included in estate plans.

For more information on establishing scholarships or bursaries, contact Melody Hirsch of the Scholarships and Bursaries Committee.

Increase your income, save tax dollars, and make a charitable gift, too! It may sound too good to be true, but all three can be accomplished with an ACS Charitable Gift Annuity. The Gift Annuity is a financial agreement in which you make an irrevocable donation to Abbotsford Christian School, and in return you receive a fixed income for life.


  • Much of the income from the gift annuity is tax free & payments are guaranteed
  • You receive a charitable tax deduction for a portion of the annuity
  • Joint gift annuity payments continue for both you and your spouse’s lifetime
  • A gift annuity is not part of your estate, thereby avoids probate costs and federal taxes

For people who have much of their finances tied up in investments, securities are an ideal way to make a donation. You’ll receive a tax receipt for the market value at the time ACS receives the shares, defined by Revenue Canada as the closing price on the date the gift is made. A gift of securities has great tax benefits—especially if the shares have appreciated significantly.

The Charitable Remainder Trust is an agreement which works well with gifts of highly appreciated assets. By transferring the asset to Abbotsford Christian School for a Charitable Remainder Trust, you:

  • Avoid capital gains tax
  • Receive a tax deduction based on the present value of the asset
  • Choose the return and length of time you wish to receive income from the trust

You have no investment responsibilities and can designate how you wish the gift to be used at maturity.

The most common of all the Planned Gifts, a bequest allows you use of all of your assets during your lifetime and leave a portion of them to charity at your death. You can give a specific asset or amount, or a percentage of your estate. You may also designate how you want the gift used by the receiving organization—such as scholarships, tuition assistance, debt reduction, and so on.

The ACS Endowment Fund helps provide Christian education for children and young people for generations to come. Without this assistance, many parents could not afford Christian education. The earnings from the fund are used directly to aid parents in the cost of Christian education. The Endowment Fund promotes, accepts, and manages gifts of money, property, securities, bequests, life insurance, and other forms of contributions for the support of the ACS.

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