Our Christian secondary school is a place to EXPLORE, EXPERIENCE, and EVALUATE all of life under God. Our talents and abilities are gifts from God and we help our students to unwrap them, so that they can give them away to others. All of us are good at some things, but none of us are good at all things. And, our limitations are gifts too, so we celebrate them as well, because it means we need someone else, and that’s a good thing. We strive to lead by example as we teach our students how to love God, love people, and do extraordinary stuff! We live in community and we work hard to develop one in which every person feels a part of something bigger than themselves. We believe that God gives everyone an opportunity to build His kingdom with REAL work, for a REAL need, and a REAL audience. We teach our students how to do it.

More Than a School, We’re a Community

At ACS we strive for excellence in education. While we fulfill the requirements of the BC Ministry of Education, we expect our academics to exceed them. Our educational program is conscientiously designed so students are interested in the process of learning. Throughout our program we utilize project-based learning, flipped classrooms, field trips, presentations, research, and current technology to engage students in their learning.
Our teachers are carefully chosen based on their academic background, their teaching ability, their passion for building relationships with students, and their faith commitment. We believe strong relationships are an important part of the learning process. Our small class sizes reflect our desire to see relationships developed and nurtured between staff and students.
We strive to create an environment that fosters the pursuit of service and leadership through the combination of technology, collaboration, skill development, craftsmanship, and creativity. Whether students are designing furniture, diagnosing an engine problem, or preparing a meal for the community, they develop critical thinking and decision-making skills while learning how to effectively use the tools and resources that God has given them.
Faith development is at the heart of our educational program and is the foundation of our curriculum, extracurricular activities, and the classroom environment. Students grow as they learn God’s story, discover who they are in Christ, and find ways to glorify Him through their gifts and service. We guide the mind, heart, and soul of every student.

Numbers We’re Proud Of

Average class size: 23 94
Number of grade 12 Bible Modules: 14 89
Teacher extracurricular hours: 143 98
Percentage of students in athletics: 33 86
# of high fives Mr. Riezebos gives in a day: 42 86