Engaging minds, nurturing hearts, shaping God’s world.



TRUTH: Learning, living, and teaching in obedience to God’s truth; discerning, engaging, and influencing culture with the hope of Christ’s redemption.
RESPECT: Regarding each person as an image bearer of Christ, in love, integrity, and openness.
EXCELLENCE: Encouraging creativity and a pursuit of excellence in every aspect of life.
SERVICE: Fostering servanthood and leadership development, modelling the compassion of Christ in all we do.
STEWARDSHIP: Actively pursuing and teaching stewardship of time, resources, and abilities.
CELEBRATION: Celebrating creation, the life we have in Jesus Christ, and the life we share in our community.


Abbotsford Christian School is a society run school governed by the Society Act of the province of British Columbia and is a registered charitable organization. The Society Act requires that ACS has a constitution and bylaws. These documents govern the business that we conduct. Our society is made up of parents/guardians of current students, current staff, or honourary members of the society as interpreted in the ACS Board Manual. 

The society officially meets once per year, usually in the fall at the annual Society Meeting, as the board presents the previous year’s financials as well as give an update/status report on the school’s progress towards reaching the vision statements laid out by the board and endorsed by the society. In the spring, the society votes in new board members through an electronic voting system.


The ACS Society bylaws requires that nine board members govern the school. Board members abide by the ACS Board Manual. At ACS, the Board of Directors governs with a Carver model of governance that has a commitment to maintaining the Mission and Vision of ACS. This is done primarily through the implementation of a Strategic Plan. We invite you to read our Strategic Plan to get a clear picture of how the mission and vision are being carried out.