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We invite you to take a tour of the campus of your choice. Come in and walk through the school while it is in session. We will answer your questions about who ACS is and introduce you to the students, staff, and facilities.



Pick up a registration folder during your tour or download it here. This registration folder contains:

  • Application for Registration
  • Student Profile and/or Kindergarten Student Profile
  • Ministry of Education Grant Approval
  • Pastoral Reference (must be received by the administration office for the registration to be considered complete. The completed form can be submitted directly to the administration office in person, by mail, or fax)
  • Partnership Agreement

In addition you will need:

  • The latest report card for each student. Please also include a copy of the child’s IEP if applicable.
  • Copy of the birth certificate for each child
  • Kindergarten Scheduling form (if applicable)
  • Immunization record for kindergarten student (if applicable)
  • Application Fee ($200 per student)


Once you have completed all attached registration forms, here’s what to do next:

  • Drop them off at the campus office
  • Completed packages are date stamped in order of receipt
  • The admissions coordinator or campus office will contact you for an interview appointment
  • Interviews are conducted by the principal at each campus
  • Students will be accepted based on space and/or suitable program availability or waitlisted.*
  • Notification of acceptance will be given by school principal
  • Once approved you will be contacted by our admissions coordinator
  • Welcome to ACS!

*Please Note: A supplementary Learning Support Services Admissions Team reviews applications where learning support is required.