ACS’ admissions operates as per the Admissions Policy and Admission Waitlist Guidelines, on a first come, first served basis, making applications available by request one year in advance.

We are happy to get you all set up well in advance of these important dates:


  • Admissions application packages will be available by request for the 2022/23 academic year starting on Wednesday, September 8, 2021 at 9:00 am
  • NEW Kindergarten – grade 12 students: Please fill in the inquiry form to get the process started.
  • Additional children of current ACS families: Please contact Michelle Ironmonger in the Admissions office: 604.755.8110 or


See below for Preschool application process, or visit our Preschool page.


Let us know you are interested in applying to ACS by completing our Admissions Inquiry Form. Our Admissions Coordinator will contact you to answer any questions and get the process started.

Fill in the inquiry form >>


Application Fee:

  • $200 per family
  • The application fee is refundable upon attendance at the New Parent Orientation in September. Please see Application Fee Policy for specific details.
  • Payment options:
    1. ACS website online payment (credit card accepted).
    2. In person at the secondary campus reception (cash or cheque accepted) during administration office hours.

After you have paid the $200 application fee, you will receive the login for the online application package from our admissions coordinator.  

Before you begin ACS’ online application package for kindergarten through grade 12, here are a few important pieces of information: 

  • It takes roughly one hour to complete the full application package.
  • Once you start your online application it automatically saves so you can return at a later time/date.
  • Signatures of both parent(s)/guardian(s) are needed to complete this application package with the exceptions of: a widow or a sole custody agreement for single parent situations. Entering your name is the equivalent to your signature.

The online application package contains:

  • Family Profile
  • Student Profile(s) – one per student
  • Ministry of Education Grant Approval
  • ACS Pastoral Reference Form
  • Community Standards
  • Partnership Agreement (to view)
  • Personal Information Parental Consent
  • Bus Application (if interested)
  • Kindergarten Student Profile (if applicable)
  • Kindergarten Scheduling (if applicable)

You will need to upload a PDF or a photo in .jpg format of the following documents:

  • Birth certificate for each student
  • The most recent report card for each student
  • The student’s IEP (if applicable)
  • Any report(s) from the Child Development Center, Ministry of Children and Family Development, Hospital, and/or Health Agencies (if applicable)
  • Relevant immigration document(s) (if applicable)
  • Relevant legal guardian document(s) (if applicable)
  • Relevant legal custody document(s) (if applicable)

Once you have submitted your entire and completed application package:

  • Completed application packages are date and time stamped in order of receipt and processed according to ACS’ Admissions Policy and Admission Waitlist Guidelines, which are used in case of waitlist decisions.
  • You will receive confirmation of your “application complete date & time stamp” via email.

NOTE: After our current families have re-registered, we begin to process new family applications (generally around the middle of November). New applications received after this point, may be immediately waitlisted due to full grade levels. By December, re-registration of ACS’ current students will be complete and we will know if there are spots available or a waitlist for each grade. If there is a waitlist, we will email you the details after December.


If a spot is available, we will contact you for an interview appointment/tour.

  • Interviews are conducted by the principal at each campus: elementary, middle, and secondary. 
  • Learning support assessments are required for students in kindergarten to grade 5, special education students (Learning Support), home schooled students and at the principal’s request.  You will be contacted for an appointment as needed.
  • Students will be accepted based on space and/or suitable program availability or Waitlist Guidelines.*
  • Notification of acceptance will be given by the admissions coordinator.
  • You will receive an Acceptance Package to be completed and returned in order to be registered, holding a spot for the student(s).
  • Welcome to ACS!

*Please Note: A supplementary Learning Support Services Admissions Team reviews applications where learning support is required.



WE ARE CURRENTLY ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR 4-YEAR-OLDS FOR 2021/22 SCHOOL YEAR AND PRESCHOOL APPLICATIONS FOR THE 2022/23 SCHOOL YEAR. To receive your application link via email, please fill in the preschool inquiry form on the preschool page. For more information, please contact Jessica Schuurman at the elementary campus.