We have an engaging program for every secondary school student. Our courses intentionally allow students to take their learning to the next level, integrating it with real-world situations, applying it to a potential career, and using it to develop leadership and life skills. Student learning opportunities are continually expanding and improving based on student interest and parent input. Throughout our courses, students are exposed to project-based learning, protocols, and high quality presentation skills. Below is a short list of some of our most popular programs.

Advanced Placement

We provide opportunities for students seeking academic enrichment and university readiness with several Advanced Placement courses. These courses are administered by the College Board, based in the United States and are widely accepted in Canada. The College Board is the same board that produces the SAT exams for college entrance in the United States. AP courses are designed to cover the same content and have a similar level of difficulty as typical first year college courses. Because of this, students who take these courses and score reasonably well on College Board administered exams, are granted exemptions from first year courses at many colleges and universities around the world. The requirements for these exemptions vary from institution to institution but the courses themselves are highly recognized in almost all academic circles.

Automotive Technology

The secondary campus has well-equipped automotive technology facilities where students learn the intricacies of automotive mechanics. The Auto Club also runs out of our shop and provides students with an opportunity to build, maintain and race professional race cars on the Mission Raceway. Our drivers have been very successful at provincial and national championships.


Secondary chapels are an opportunity to worship, celebrate and build community among our students and staff. Chapels are relevant, relational and share something from God’s word. Typically, chapels include worship led by student praise teams, speakers, videos, testimonies, and messages from various school groups. Our chapels are open to parents and friends of the community. For upcoming chapel events, please see the secondary calendar.

Culinary Arts & Nutrition

We offer a complete Home Economics program that includes food studies. As part of the program, students prepare and serve full course meals for a variety of events in our school calendar. Students enrolled in these courses also have the opportunity to periodically prepare and serve meals for our student body.

English Language Learning

An inclusive school seeks to support the learning of students who are learning the English language in their age-peer classes to the greatest extent possible. This goal is achieved through support in the classroom, a pull-out program during the school day to support the classroom curriculum learning, and an after-school program to develop and strengthen English language competencies. READ MORE…

Fine Arts

The fine arts curriculum is based on techniques and skills of art making, the history of art, the inter-relatedness of art and culture, and the integration of faith-based expression. This means that a wide variety of mediums are taught and that the historical perspective extends from the earliest of art forms to contemporary expressions by a rich variety of artists and art movements. One of the central themes taught is that art is a gift to us from our very creative God, who has given visual expression to all humanity to enjoy and explore.

Grade 12 Bible Modules

This program is rich in fulfilling our mission. It is an incredible opportunity to engage the mind, nurture the heart, and ultimately, shape God’s world. It has proven to be a great tool to disciple toward faithful, discerning, obedient, and creative servanthood. We are optimistic that this program will encourage our students to commit their whole lives (heart, mind, and soul) to Jesus Christ. The Bible Modules are part of our grade 12 Bible program and allow students to choose four relevant topics from a long list of offerings. Each module is one month long. Courses offered in the past include topics on marriage, prayer, service, media, Hollywood, devotion, being a man/woman of God, the Gospels, Nicaragua Team, and student leadership. The program ends with each graduate sharing their life story, passions, and future plans to parents and community members in a presentation one evening in June, called “Epic I Am In.”

International Trips

Students from ACS have traveled to Hawaii, Nicaragua, Paris, Normandy, Quebec, Japan, and California. Trips are always about serving others and learning together. Our Nicaragua team has a long-term relationship with Centro de Fe and students travel to Managua each spring break to further our relationship with our sister school. Travel teams have a chance to share their adventures with the whole student body during chapel.

Learning Support Services

ACS believes that all students, regardless of their physical, academic, social and emotional needs, have an essential role to play in the school community. They are all to be valued as members of the body of Christ. On the basis of this belief, all students are educated with their same-aged peers in regular classrooms as much as possible. Learning Support Services have been established to assist teachers in providing appropriate inclusive education for students with differing needs. READ MORE…


The secondary music program includes grade 9 band, senior band, jazz band, and choral instruction. The band program also participates in an annual band tour which is a highlight for many students. Our band has traveled to California, Edmonton, Washington State, Northern BC, and the Okanagan. We also have students lead their peers in singing through praise teams on Chapel days. Students try out for these teams early in the school year.

Student Action Leadership Team

S.A.L.T. is an extra-curricular team whose goal is to promote a positive student culture in the school. S.A.L.T. is made up of committed students who feel called to serve their school. Students who desire to serve on S.A.L.T. must apply and be chosen each year. This application process happens in June of the prior year. During the school year, S.A.L.T. sponsors a variety of activities such as dances, special days, air band competition, Rubber Chicken Challenge, coffee houses and even a Food Truck Lunch day. S.A.L.T. also gets heavily involved in leading humanitarian efforts for the student body, and has traditionally lead the school in World Vision’s annual 30-Hour Famine and other local fund raising efforts. The average amount of money that the student body had raised in this event has topped $8,000.


Many students develop a passion for sewing and design in our Textiles department. As part of the program, the textiles students put on a professional fashion show in May of each year. Students model their designs and creations.


In theatre, we seek to develop expression, imagination, originality, and creativity. Each year, students perform a number of small-scale plays as well as one large-scale, professional quality production. This includes auditions, set building, lighting and sound crews, and a week-long run of live performances. Some of the critically acclaimed productions in the past include Anne of Green Gables, Les Miserables, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.


The secondary campus has a well-equipped woodworking shop where students design and build fine furniture and other projects. Students have also become accustomed to creating projects and donating them to places of need.

Youth Work in Trades Program

For those interested in a trade or specialty beyond the scope of the facilities at Abbotsford Christian School, we offer a full apprenticeship program. This allows students to pursue a trade within the context of the full Abbotsford Christian School program. Students are registered with the Industry Training Authority and several students have gone on to complete the full requirements of a first year apprenticeship within their grade 12 year.