What is GIS?

As part of our vision and mission we desire our students to be KINGDOM ENGAGERS in the communities they are part of. GIS (Global Intercultural Studies) provides an incredible opportunity to recognize the kingdom blessing of being OTHERS-FOCUSED in the way we serve sacrificially in our communities. 

GIS is a provincially recognized course that offers students credit for completion of an online course along with 60 hours of service (volunteer work) in an organization our students are connected with (eg: school, church, ministry, non-profit, and missions or service trips).

GIS is facilitated through a Distributed Learning Center called the Key Learning Center (KLC). In order to graduate from ACS, all students, starting with the grad 2022 class onward, will be required to complete GIS 12 A. GIS 12B is no longer required but is optional.

As it is a required course for ACS, International students will also be required to take the class, though the provincial accreditation can not be extended to them due to provincial restrictions.



Contact Koenraad Beugelink, GIS Program Coordinator or Jennifer Wittrup, Student Life Centre Administrative Assistant.