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Information regarding school closure and bus route cancellations will be posted on this page and Facebook by 6:30 am on the morning in question.  


In case of severe weather, you will find all school closure and related announcements on this page and on our Facebook page.

School closure information will also be available via:

ACS messaging system at 604.755.1891
ACS’ Facebook Page
Global Television
KWPZ (Praise FM)106.5
STAR FM 98.3

How Do We Decide to Close School at ACS Due to Inclement Weather?

We close school at ACS when the weather conditions are severe.  This is to protect our families, staff and students (almost all who commute or ride the bus) from unsafe road conditions and parking lot drop-off and pick-up concerns.  When possible, we try to make the decision the night before.

Decision Making Process

5:30am: Leadership Team looks at the weather, forecast, bus system, parking lot and Drive BC for road conditions.
5:45am: Leadership Team collaborates on the decision by email and cell phone conferencing.
6:00 –6:30am: Team makes the call on school closure or not, informs appropriate media and posts the information on the ACS website.
6:45 – 7:30am: Leadership Team reviews the decision and if the conditions haven’t changed significantly, upholds the original decision. If the conditions have changed, the decision changes by 7:30am.

Thank you for understanding the complexity of the decision making process and adjusting your schedules and plans accordingly on these unpredictable days.