Elementary school isn’t just about learning the basics. We want our students to have the chance to grow their abilities in a wide variety of areas. Below is a sampling of some of the programs we offer.


A carefully developed program ensures that students from K-5 learn about the elements of art and principles of design in a variety of ways at age appropriate levels. Skills are developed through quality instruction, sometimes from online experts coordinated and facilitated by the classroom teacher; sometimes by exploring and developing techniques used by artists such as the Group of Seven or Picasso. 2D and 3D media such as clay, tempura paint, watercolour, oil pastels, paper collage, and more are experienced. The elementary art program culminates in the Grade 4/5 Art Show where our students present their favourite art creations to friends and family.


Our elementary campus enjoys an active athletics program. We are especially proud of our cross country and track and field programs. Cross country runs in the fall and is open to all grade 4 and 5 students. We compete at a number of runs across the Lower Mainland where children learn to develop stamina and achieve their personal best. Track and field is also a highlight for our grade 4 and 5 students who practice the various events throughout the spring and then compete at a school wide meet. With this under their belts, they compete at a larger meet against other Christian schools.

English Language Learning

An inclusive school seeks to support the learning of students who are learning the English language in their age-peer classes to the greatest extent possible. This goal is achieved through support in the classroom, a pull-out program during the school day to support the classroom curriculum learning, and an after-school program to develop and strengthen English language competencies. READ MORE…


French language instruction begins in grade 1 at 60 minutes/week and increases to 90 minutes/week starting in grade 4. Students learn basic vocabulary as it relates to common themes such as calendar, time, numbers, colours, pets, sports, and food. 

Cultural studies are an additional component since language is an important aspect of culture. Some examples are; grade 1 students celebrate Carnaval de Quebec at the same time it takes place in Quebec each February. Upper Primary students follow the story of French-Canadian athletes as they prepare for the Olympics, integrating vocabulary and real-life interviews. Grades 4 and 5 students learn about writing instructions by creating a pizza recipe and then demonstrating making the pizza for their classmates. We seek to communicate competently, to appreciate diversity, and to unravel the mystery of another language as we glorify God for His gift of French.

Grade 5 Leaders

As leaders in our school, these students provide valuable services such as answering the phones and doing office tasks at lunch break, collecting recycling, sorting refundable drink containers, assisting with supervision in Kindergarten during inside recesses, keeping the PE equipment sorted and functional, mentoring and supervising students outside, and more. Students are given opportunity to change tasks each term, to explore a variety of experiences.


sportsStudents in grade 4 and 5 have the opportunity twice a year to sign up for our lunch-hour intramurals. Students play a variety of team sports including soccer, scooter hockey, and handball one day each week, from September to December as well as January to April. Intramurals provide students who don’t normally participate in team sports outside of physical education, an opportunity to learn how to be a good teammate and positive member of a small group of their peers in an encouraging and non-threatening environment.

Joyful Sounds & Orffestra

Supplementing our full music program, there are extra-curricular opportunities for developing musical talent. A combined choir and barred instrument ensemble meets weekly at lunch break and every few weeks after school for rehearsal. This group performs at chapels, at community venues such as seniors’ homes and events, the annual Honorary Members banquet, and wherever the need or opportunity arises.

Learning Support Services

ACS believes that all students, regardless of their physical, academic, social and emotional needs, have an essential role to play in the school community. They are all to be valued as members of the body of Christ. On the basis of this belief, an inclusive model of education has been set up whereby all students are educated with their same-aged peers in regular classrooms as much as possible. Learning Support Services have been established to assist teachers in providing appropriate inclusive education for students with differing needs. READ MORE…


A trained music specialist provides a full program of singing, Orff instrumentation, reading music, percussion, composer studies, recorder playing, composition, and more. Monthly concert days provide opportunity for individual students to showcase musical talents being developed out of school. Each year, either an all school musical or a Christmas program is performed. Music classes also go out into the community to sing and play.

Nicaragua Relationship

ACS has been developing a relationship with Centro de Fe, a school in Managua, Nicaragua. Each year, a team of staff and students go to visit that school and spend time playing, serving, and learning with the senior students. Fundraising for this trip helps develop other Christian schools in Nicaragua by purchasing local made materials and employing local tradespeople. This relationship is developed already at the elementary level as students learn about Nicaragua, exchange letters, and even Skype with the students at Centro de Fe. As this relationship develops, our students, the students at Centro de Fe, and communities in Nicaragua are transformed.

Red Cedar Book Club

The Red Cedar is B.C.’s Young Reader’s Choice book award. Every year, thousands of children between grades 4-7 from across the province are invited to read books from the nominated lists of non-fiction and fiction Canadian titles and vote for their favourite. Here at ACS, our Red Cedar Book Club is for the grade 5 students. Beginning in January, we meet weekly to exchange and discuss the books, play games, and eat a snack. Our book club ends with our annual Red Cedar Jeopardy game, with the winners receiving tickets to the Red Cedar Gala. This student-centered Award Ceremony is held in May to present the awards and to give the students an opportunity to meet their favourite authors!



Reaching Out

Through Reaching Out, we are striving to meet the needs of not only our own community, but positively contributing to the neighbours that live all around us. God loves us and has given us so much that we want to respond to this love by blessing others.

This year, we again have the opportunity to donate used winter clothing to be distributed to children in our city who are not properly prepared for the colder weather. We regularly make donations to the Food Bank at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other times of the year. We have engaged in a variety of projects in the past: Operation Christmas Child, Cops for Cancer, and Rice Raiser are some examples. Individual classrooms at ACS Elementary often do their own giving projects that can sometimes relate to the curriculum or individual projects that are presented by the teacher.

For several years, ACS Elementary has been involved in Abbotsford’s Run for Water campaign. For the past two years, we have helped raise over $10,000 for children in Ethiopia. We are once again partnering with this organization. Run for Water includes a 5km, 10km and half-marathon run in May. All the money raised from this event goes to provide clean drinking water in Ethiopia. Students of ACS Elementary participate by running in our very own mini Run 4 Water at school and by raising $35 themselves. We want students to each raise $35 because their money will provide clean drinking water for one child in Ethiopia for a lifetime! We want them to know, they CAN make a difference!

Short-Term Clubs

A variety of short term clubs are formed at ACS Elementary, often depending on a particular teacher’s, or other community member’s, interest. These have included Math, Chess, Scrapbooking, Dance, Fiddle, and more. The dynamic nature of these clubs ensures that there is a vibrancy and keen interest in these clubs when they are formed.