What a year it’s been. It’s still hard to fathom what’s going on at times and where this is all heading. Our lives and routines remain altered in significant ways. We find ourselves waiting for the next provincial update, hoping to hear that some normalcy is returning. Without a doubt we are all weary of this pandemic journey. You feel it. We feel it. Together we’ve weathered much over this past year and there are still challenges to face.

Now imagine if in the midst of these challenges, your ability to provide for your household was impacted due to COVID-19. That’s the reality some ACS families continue to face. We can help them get through this. Please consider what you can do for ACS families who have been negatively affected financially by issues related to the pandemic. To date, we have had over 50 ACS families request tuition relief due to a work shutdown or slowdown. Some families have gotten back on their feet after a few months. Others need ongoing help. These families still need our support.

We want to continue to do all we can to support every family and provide assistance as needed. This is where you came in last year in a big way. Last year we exceeded our goal and initially raised over $50,000 which is an amazing testament to our community—then one donor matched that to help us raise a new record of $100,000+ for tuition relief! What an incredible blessing! Thank you! In times like these it’s especially meaningful when something unexpected happens that gives us cause to celebrate. It’s allowed the support to continue and the need continues. The projected realities of tuition relief in this current school year will result in $150,000 being needed and distributed to ACS families. Please help if you are able.

Please support Dream1Drive: COVID-19 Tuition Relief for ACS Families. We believe that no family should have to give up on their desire for Christian education for their children.

As we carry on through a time of uncertainty let’s focus on our God who carries us through all challenges. In the words of Isaiah 41:10a, “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.

Whether you are a current family, alumni family, grandparent, or honorary member, thank you for your part in our ACS story. Please pray for our families, our students, and our teachers and staff as we get through this together.

If able, please help once again and give to Dream1Drive today. We’ve made a difference before and we can do it again. Thank you for being part of an amazing community!

Dream1Drive: COVID-19 Tuition Relief

Please consider “sponsoring” an ACS family affected by work shutdown or slowdown. In total, we need $150,000 to help every family (to date). 

Your gift of:

  • $100 supports one family for one week of tuition
  • $400 supports one family for one month of tuition
  • $1,000 supports one family for the 10 weeks of their financial need