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Emma is a typical student at ACS. Along with her classmates, she’s engaged in learning about what causes earthquakes, how she can personally help the people in Nepal, and why God allows such tragedies. It’s deeper learning, teaching her not just to be smart, but also wise.

Emma’s parents are typical ACS parents. They love that ACS is partnering with them in raising her—they aren’t in this alone. They make significant financial sacrifices to have her attend, but they know it’s an investment for Emma’s future—and therefore well worth it.

Likely, they would be surprised to find out that the tuition they pay only covers about 50% of the ACTUAL COST to educate her. Government grants bring in another 45%. However, there is still a gap. 

In fact, the gap between the cost to provide our quality ACS education, and the amount that comes in through tuition and grants is a surprising $900.*

We are asking you to help BRIDGE THE GAP for Emma and other students like her. In fact, we’re dedicating our annual Spring Drive to this campaign. We want to continue providing the absolute best experience for our students, supporting them as they learn to shape God’s world. 

And we want to do that without increasing tuition. So, we need your help.

I’m asking you to join me in donating to our “Bridge the Gap” campaign. Perhaps you would consider sponsoring just one child, in full or in part, giving them the gift of an ACS education. Every bit helps. 

Thank you for your partnership as we strive to Engage Minds, Nurture Hearts, and Shape God’s World.