How can I create a logo that adheres to principles of good design while also representing our school, our class, our faith or our theme for the year?

Project Overview:

This project seeks to use an authentic need as the launching point for a project. In art class, students will explore some principles of graphic design that are specific to logo design. They then will apply the criteria they’ve learned in critiquing various logos. Finally, students will engage in a design process that involves, planning, sketching, critiquing, revising, and digitizing. Their designs will be judged by graphic designers and the best 5 will advance to student voting. The winning design will be used to create the grade 8 graduation hoodie.

“This project was a lot of fun to do with students because students were very invested in creating strong designs for their logos. One of the joys of the project was seeing students persevere in learning how to use a rather complex software to digitize their hand drawn logos. I loved seeing students help each other problem solve and keep making progress on their works. One of the challenges of the project feeling a bit pressured for time in having the designs completed so that we could actually finalize the hoodies and order them before the majority of the year is already over. I would love to start this project right away next fall as our first art project so that students can explore our school theme right at the start of the year and can have their hoodies by Christmas.”
Heidi VanWeelden: ACS Teacher & Project Designer


Logo Design for Hoodies

How has this engaged students in ACS’ mission and vision?

Engaging Minds: I love the way that this project challenges students to think about the design process and to think about the communicative power of logos and graphic design. This project helps students develop “real world” skills, growing in them the potential to be world shapers. The students apply new knowledge and skills in their product creations. Students need to know the principles of good design and need to learn the features of Inkscape in order to complete this project.

Shaping God’s World: Although they are not directly engaging the “greater” world around them, they are shaping their “immediate” world. They are challenged to think about their identity as a class, as a school, and ultimately as a representative of Christ in culture. They are challenged to recognize the role of logos in culture and think through their design process accordingly. Logos are memorable. They represent a brand or product or concept. Wearing a logo identifies the wearer with the product represented. In this case, we are representing our school and grade level class.

How has this learning experience served or connected to our community?

This learning experience both served and connected to our community. First, students served each other in designing rich logos for hoodies they will buy and wear. They also connect to our community as students will wear these hoodies and represent our school and our theme in our community. This project also connected to our community because we involved community members as our graphic design judges to narrow our submissions down to the top 5-10 before student voting.

“I like that we were able to move on to more advanced art instead of just drawing.”- Liam

“I liked making my own logo and having full control of being able to do whatever my heart desired.”- Vanda

“What I liked about this was learning a new skill as well as learning about a career and how this skill is useful. I’m really proud of the way I persevered because it was challenging.” – EJ

Student Reflections


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Hoodie Artwork Samples
Grade 8 Hoodie Mock-Up