How will we design and install a Little Free Library that encourages children to read in our neighbourhood?

Project Overview:

The Grade 5 Red Cedar Book Club collaborated with the Woodworking 11/12 class to build a Little Free Library. The grade 5 students looked at various designs through field trips and by looking online, and sent a video of their “wish list” to the woodworking class, and their design and final product met all the students requests. The elementary students wrote letters to local businesses requesting support, resulting in a relationship with a local bookstore, The Bookman. The elementary students read 20 books in their club, then selected their favourite, and purchased a copy for the LFL at Vancouver Kidsbooks. Many also donated books from home.

“The biggest challenge was to stay focused on the Red Cedar Book Club, to read and discuss books, and not put it on the back burner for the Little Free Library.

Many, many celebrations:
-Enthusiasm of the students from beginning to end
-Successful letter writing results in relationship with a local bookstore 
-LFL looking exactly as students had dreamed it would
-The local bookstore creating partnership stickers
-Donation of books anonymously in LFL before it was opened
-A very cute and encouraging first letter in our LFL guest book
-Willingness of so many in our school community to be involved 

Linda Groot: ACS Teacher & Project Designer


  • Little Free Library

How has this engaged students in ACS’ mission and vision?

Engaging Minds: By developing a lifelong love for reading, learning abut discernment in literature,completing a design challenge by investigating library boxes.

Nurturing Hearts: By reading 20 nominated titles by Canadian authors, and talking about issues facing society today and how we as Christians need to respond (empathy).

Shaping God’s World: By being a good neighbour, sharing what we have with others, contributing to our community in a positive way.

How has this learning experience served or connected to our community?

  • Demonstrating and sharing our love of reading with our neighbours by providing free books to read
  • Forging a positive relationship with a local bookstore
  • Making our community a more vibrant, collaborative place, and demonstrating a heightened commitment to our neighbours
  • Supporting literacy by providing access to books 24/7 all year long

The Red Cedar Book Club students were thrilled to be a part of the LFL, from the design to the book selection. As book club members, they learned how to discern what is good literature, and this impacted their selections for the LFL. They also feel complete ownership for the LFL; it’s theirs, they “made” it.

“Making the Little Free Library was fun because we got to design it and choose the books for it.” (Francesca)

“I love the Little Free Library because we made it.” (Ava)

Student Reflection


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Letter to Bookman
Book Sculpture
Bookman Book Label
ACS Book Label

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