How do I fit into the story of Abbotsford Christian School?

Project Overview:

Students of Abbotsford Christian School will create a permanent museum exhibit for display to celebrate the history of our school:

  • Students will practice using the skills of an historian to gather and interpret information from primary and secondary sources in order to tell stories from the past that will accurately inform and engage audiences
  • Students will learn to collaborate in small groups and use their unique skill sets (technology, design, script writing etc.) to make the exhibit attractive, informative and engaging
  • Students will consider how their stories intersect with those community members who came before them and be encouraged to recognize God’s faithfulness to the ACS community
  • Students will have the opportunity to reach beyond the walls of the school and practice hospitality

“While the project was a success overall, there were certainly improvements that could be made for the next iteration. The scope and sequence worked well, but I would like to add to the planning document an opportunity for students to critique the timeline and documentary video students made in the first year. This would include students offering warm and cool feedback(suggestions for improvement etc.). Second, I would repeat the same process with the documentary video we created and then lead the class in a brainstorming session about the ideas/themes/images that they would like to see in their own addition to the museum. This process will ensure that each iteration of the museum will continually improve in terms of overall quality.”

Brad Lemon: ACS Teacher & Project Designer


  • School History Timeline
  • Video Documentary

How has this engaged students in ACS’ mission and vision?

Engaging Minds: The community building aspect of this project and the fact that it culminates with a public audience will make this experience engaging for students. Additionally, the project requires students to take a high-level of personal ownership.

Nurturing Hearts: This project requires students to reflect on stories of God’s faithfulness to a community spanning multiple generations of time. Students will also be encouraged to express gratitude for the school and school community since they are the benefactors of the hard work and sacrifice of others who came before and built ACS. 

Shaping God’s World: This project requires students to reflect on their own stories and consider how they connect with the stories of other community members and finally, how the story of ACS is having an impact on the world. One example of this could be the testimony of a student who has participated in one of the HANDS Teams that served one of our sister schools in Nicaragua.

How has this learning experience served or connected to our community?

For some of our students, ACS is a part of their family DNA. We have families who have invested into this community for three generations of time. They have seen the school grow and change over time and have given of their time and resources to build a school to be proud of and to call home.

Others in our community have never paused to consider how our school came to be. They simply take it for granted that they have the privilege of learning in an environment that is safe, caring and committed to excellence in education.

This project encourages students to:

  • express gratitude for the blessing of being a part of the ACS community
  • celebrate God’s sovereign hand in the creation of ACS
  • consider how their individual stories connect with the big story of how God is using his people to redeem a fallen creation and usher in a new kingdom of light

“It was really cool talking with Al and Bill (former teachers) and hearing their stories.” – Grade 10 student

“It was exciting unveiling our video in front of a live audience.” – Grade 10 student

Student Reflection