How can we support our school community families to be able to afford healthy, nutritious meals?

Project Overview:

Students will source recipes and then create healthy meals and baked goods to fill the ACCESS Foods freezer. These items will be packaged, priced, labelled and offered for sale to families with in our school community.

“What an exciting project this was! The students worked very hard to fill the freezer with meals, muffins and cookies before launch day. The biggest challenge was getting the freezer filled 3 days before the end of the school year. Then we had to sell out in 3 days. But we did it! The community support for this project has been fantastic. The ACCESS Foods freezer will be open a number of times through out the year and will be maintained and stocked by the Grade 12 Foods class. In September, we will begin to fill the freezer so that we are ready for sales in October.

Hieke Morton, ACS Teacher & Project Designer


  • ACCESS Foods freezer

How has this engaged students in ACS’ mission and vision?

Engaging Minds: This project will challenge students to budget, plan and create meals.  

Nurturing Hearts: Students will be making a difference in others lives. It will give them a sense of purpose and accomplishment. 

Shaping God’s World: As part of God’s family we are called to care for those in need. This program will allow our students to live out that command.

How has this learning experience served or connected to our community?

ACCESS Foods is a place where we hope the idea of blessing others will begin. There are single moms in our community that would love a ready made meal. There are families that are walking some difficult roads and a hot meal that they don’t have to plan out, would be much appreciated. ACCESS Foods allows us to offer families a place to purchase healthy, affordable meals and baked goods to bless others with.

Students were very engaged and excited to participate in this project. Once they understood the need right with in our own community, they were eager to be a part of the solution.

“I love that ACCESS Foods allows us to help families right in our own school.” -Ava

Student Reflection


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