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You have a lot of choices in life and the school you choose for your children is a pretty important one! With all the options out there, we’d love to let you know why we think ACS is unique. From part-time Kindergarten and a full music program, to real-world learning and a great athletics program, we think we have something pretty special going on.



Tuition is always the bottom line, isn’t it? We feel so strongly that education at ACS is an INVESTMENT into your child, into our community, and into God’s Kingdom, that we feel no need to hide or bury our tuition rates. An investment always costs something and this one is more than worth it! We also do all that we can to keep rates low especially for families with multiple children. 

PLEASE NOTE: Tuition fees for next school year are set in the spring and usually see an increase of 2% to 3%. 


  1. How many kids are you registering at ACS? (selects your row)
  2. At what campus will the OLDEST child be registered in? (selects your column in that column)

Example: If you have three children, and your oldest child is at the middle campus, your tuition for ALL three kids will be $948/month (over 10 months)DOWNLOAD THE TUITION SCHEDULE


We don’t think anyone should have to camp outside to reserve their children’s spot at a school, so we take registrations all year long. If you want to let us know that your registration forms for the 2017/18 school year on their way, just fill in this form and we’ll add your name to the list. Our Admissions Coordinator will the contact you to go over the next steps in our registration process.