Field Trip Request Form

Local, low-risk, day trip request form

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General Information



Briefly describe the safety plan to address any key risks related to the site/area, weather, activity and/or group:

Briefly describe the supervision process to be used e.g., large or small group settings, lead/sweep, head counts, buddy system, level of supervision (constant, visual, on-site, in the area); other elements of the supervision plan as relevant:

Briefly describe the process to identify, screen, and brief for roles and responsibilities (e.g. briefing to be conducted when, where, how, by whom):

Emergency Plan

Check any and all that apply:

Attachments Checklist

View and download printable parent forms (You must download these to your computer, fill in, and submit with the link below). 

If using Edsby permission forms, use the Edsby Template for Parent Permission Forms and upload it below. Teachers must track permissions themselves and ensure that all responses are in prior to leaving. If you are not hearing from a parent, please email them to ensure they check Edsby.

(if applicable)