Please fill in the following form by June 30 to request an ACS wall calendar, ACS t-shirt, and/or classroom poster printing. If you have questions, please contact Tanya Kieneker.

I only fill these requests over the summer, so please think ahead as to posters you may want at any point during next school year. I will do my best to get to all of the requests printed, however, due to the building project and September planning, I may not be able to get to all of them. 


Staff Year-End Request Form


You can request an ACS t-shirt ONLY if:

  • you did not receive a new one last year,
  • your shirt from last year is lost or wrecked, or
  • you require a new size

View colour options
Ladies sizing chart
Men's sizing chart


Every year, we create a full year calendar for staff with basic ACS dates included. You can view a sample here


If you would like to have a poster printed for your classroom, please view the "ready to print" graphics available to you and submit your requests below. I will do my best to fulfill these requests over the summer.

  • Please take note of the "NEW" and "Made for ACS" folders. 
  • Plan ahead: As a reminder, I do not print posters throughout the school year, so think ahead to your entire next year.
  • Custom posters: If you have a custom poster you would like made, you can email me a sample or content. I will add this to a folder and get to it as I have time.