Friends always knew to bring Kleenex to the end-of-year chapel when our youngest, Brett, would complete his time at an ACS campus. They knew, inevitably, that my emotions would get the best of me. They would hug me, nudge me, wink at me, and know that moving on is good and yet, for me, it always brought tears. These tears stemmed from how grateful we are to have landed at ACS.

Brett will complete his time at ACS this week. As our family transitions out of these doors, my eyes have leaked a few times already; both for our student, for us as parents, and for me as a board member.

Because ACS

Our family has been so richly blessed to be part of this vibrant and godly community at ACS. Our two boys are richer for it and we see the fruits of an education meshed with a Christian worldview. From their start with Julie Braun and Denise Konynenbelt in preschool and Nancy Humphries in kindergarten, it has been a fantastic experience. I remember sitting on those tiny kindergarten chairs, listening to Nancy Humphries tell us all about the excitement that would lay ahead for our kids. As I sat on those tiny chairs, I met many moms and dads who are now some of my dearest friends.

I have so appreciated the teaching and support staff and enjoy the friendships that have developed over the years. Our boys have learned so much that applies to life outside of our school walls; critical thinking and self-advocating come to mind. Watching them use these skills regarding post-secondary choices and/or career choices is so satisfying. Social-emotional thinking and digital citizenship are life skills that every child should have the opportunity to learn and we are blessed with teams that work diligently to make this a priority for our students. Project-based learning and fostering an entrepreneurial spirit are evident in so many aspects of our school life. I have had the privilege of sitting in meetings with our admin teams and leadership—hearing their hearts, their passions, their commitment, and willingness to try new and innovative teaching methods.

We Appreciate You!

To every team member at ACS, you make a difference and we are so thankful for you! Never underestimate the power of a smile, a gesture, or a “how is your day going?” To those families who are fairly new to ACS, know you are blessed to have this team surrounding your children. I encourage all families to be intentional about praying for and encouraging your ACS team. They have definitely been stretched this past year and we pray for a rest-filled summer break.

May I end with an apology for the times that I parked in the elementary pick-up line and held up traffic and for the time I brought our dog to the grade 1 class for “show and tell,” complete with a Kong ball that was filled with peanut butter (to a nut free school)…whoops! Thanks for doing the “all out searches” when I would lose the boys or they would take the shuttle to the other campus without letting me know.

And Finally…

I will miss following the “blueberry bus” to athletic events, POL nights, field trips, ACS parent and community gatherings, track and field at Rotary Stadium, sitting on those bleachers watching basketball and volleyball, my board of directors team, and just being with this beautiful community so regularly.

So, we’ll just say “see ya later” and watch out at the Alumni games—we’re coming for you!