This year I am asking God for joy. Joy in the mundane. Joy in the small things. Joy in my work. Joy in my family. Just a simple, awestruck joy for life’s subtleties. Wild Joy You are allowed to love tiny, daily, ordinary moments in your life. You’re allowed to feel wild joy for the simplest and smallest reasons. You’re allowed to be unreasonably delighted by spicy pickles or a perfect apple or a joke your child tells you…You’re allowed to hold memories in your mind and play them over and over like an old-fashioned slideshow—click, click, [...]

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Feb27, 2023


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Outside of my grade 4 classroom are two beautiful trees. We get so used to them being there that we often take them for granted. But they are something to marvel at. They promise us spring as they wake up from winter’s sleep. They shelter us from the heat of the sun when it threatens to bake us. They delight us with their fall colours and then leave their mess behind for us to [...]

To launch the Inside Out blog in 2015, we created this music video to introduce our brave writers. While some of the writers have changed since then, we still feel it celebrates the spirit of who we are and the types of stories we want to share with you. Enjoy!

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