Apr 26, 2021


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BY KOENRAAD BEUGELINK, FAITH FORMATION DIRECTOR Before reading any further: Please try not to respond to your phone notifications until you are done reading.   This week we started our “We Will, We Won’t” digital citizenship series at the secondary campus. This will be a staggered system-wide series of various lengths over the next [...]

Jun 3, 2019


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I remember when getting an email was a novelty. I wrote my first email in college to my roommate sitting in the computer lab next to me. Eventually, after marrying and being transplanted to Abbotsford, I used email as a way to keep in touch with my family living in the prairies. I'd turn on [...]

Mar 5, 2018


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I admit it…I’m a late adopter. I am careful in approach and rarely jump into anything new without appropriately assessing all options. Then I weigh them, and observe the early adopters to be sure I don’t experience the same pitfalls they will inevitably find themselves in. And although I consider myself a digital native, I [...]

Feb 15, 2016

My Selfie-Cam is Broken

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Ahh, the Smart Phone. It has really become a part of my life. It’s a love – try-not-to-be-too-dependent relationship. I am not the most coordinated individual. Yes, I am teaching art and drama, but no, I would not put it past me to fall off of a stage. Case in point:  last year in drama class, [...]

Jun 16, 2015

Why I Make My Daughters Play Video Games

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Guest Blog Writer: Kevin SchutI make sure my girls get their regular doses of video games.Hi, I’m Kristin’s husband, Kevin. Since it’s crunch time for Kristin, I thought I would be a supportive spouse and write her blog post this month. It’s an ideal opportunity for me to set the record straight about how I’ve [...]

Oct 17, 2014

Why My Daughter is Dressed as a Lombax

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When Tym first asked me if I would be willing to be the Middle School Staff blogger for Inside Out, he suggested possible ways that I could begin a blog post.  One was “So, my husband is gaming again….”  “Again?” I retorted. “More like still gaming or has become obsessed with yet another video game.” Yes, [...]

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