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Jun 16, 2015

Why I Make My Daughters Play Video Games

By |2015-06-16T08:59:56-07:00June 16, 2015|Middle School, Technology|0 Comments

Guest Blog Writer: Kevin SchutI make sure my girls get their regular doses of video games.Hi, I’m Kristin’s husband, Kevin. Since it’s crunch time for Kristin, I thought I would be a supportive spouse and write her blog post this month. It’s an ideal opportunity for me to set the record straight about how I’ve [...]

Apr 17, 2015

Got Grit?

By |2015-04-17T09:02:07-07:00April 17, 2015|21st Century Learning, Middle School, Whole Child Education|0 Comments

The Middle School was a slightly hazardous place to visit in mid-March.  You ran the risk of being hit by long range paper airplanes, out in front of the school. Upstairs, you had to navigate through a giant pile of newspaper, dodge a Ping-Pong ball and watch your step for errant marbles.  Why did we [...]

Feb 13, 2015

If You Give a Middle School Teacher a Minute…

By |2015-02-13T07:01:54-08:00February 13, 2015|Middle School, Relationships|1 Comment

If you give a middle school teacher a minute, She might want to grab a fresh cup of coffee. As she’s heading out to the staff room, A student might beg her to stay and supervise while he microwaves his popcorn. While they are waiting, they’ll get into a conversation about his castle design and [...]

Nov 14, 2014

They Want Dinner Again?!

By |2014-11-14T07:05:46-08:00November 14, 2014|Middle School, Parenting|0 Comments

It’s not that my husband and I don’t enjoy cooking. We have a collection of favourite recipe books—the worn copy of the More with Less Cookbook that we packed back and forth to Africa and Hungary, my Hull Christian School Society Cookbook from Iowa (Snicker Salad, anyone?), a binder of recipes from both the Schut [...]

Oct 17, 2014

Why My Daughter is Dressed as a Lombax

By |2014-10-17T07:15:18-07:00October 17, 2014|Middle School, Technology|0 Comments

When Tym first asked me if I would be willing to be the Middle School Staff blogger for Inside Out, he suggested possible ways that I could begin a blog post.  One was “So, my husband is gaming again….”  “Again?” I retorted. “More like still gaming or has become obsessed with yet another video game.” Yes, [...]

Sep 12, 2014

The End of the Rainbow

By |2014-09-12T07:28:56-07:00September 12, 2014|Celebrating, Middle School, Parenting|0 Comments

It had been a long day of driving—all the way from Abbotsford to Nelson, on the first leg of our trip to Alberta in early July. We finally pulled into our lakeside campsite at Kokanee Creek Provincial Park at suppertime, and were greeted by a cloud of mosquitoes and the rumbling of a thunderstorm in [...]

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