Nov 8, 2023


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Amy and I have four boys. Our home is filled with rough-housing, noise, smell, and a ton of food. Our boys are extremely active. They all play sports. We shuttle them back-and-forth from sports, swimming, and playdates. Yet somehow, when they return home, they still have energy to burn. We encourage (hear “tell”) them to [...]

Sep 14, 2021


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Prepare yourself, I’m going to complain. Yes, it’s probably not healthy and it goes against my typically moderate stance on anything that gets posted on social media, but I’m doing it anyways. I, Karin Riemer, mother of a kindergarten student, think that Kindergarten Gradual Entry is the worst! Professionally, as an educator and an elementary [...]

Oct 26, 2020


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BY GARY VERBEEK, MECHANICS AND BIBLE TEACHER Have I really been at ACS for 30 years and teaching for 35? Initially, I was hired to start a mechanics program but started out teaching woods class. Five years later, we tore down the two bay “garage” behind the school and Fricia Construction built the awesome mechanics [...]

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