Fourteen moves in 14 years.

From hoarders’ homes from the 1950s to bears in our yard daily, we have lived in some interesting places. We have completed some challenging renos and cleared out some interesting items.

So why have we moved so many times?

With my husband in land development, we decided to take on the task of fixing up old homes on property to get them ready for development. We would reno them—but not make them too nice—since they would get torn down eventually! In between, we moved into rental homes until we found the next “gem” to purchase.

At each home, we unpacked our boxes, but our walls remained bare. We knew we’d be moving soon, and any holes we put in the walls would just have to be patched and repaired.

I couldn’t wait until the day that our efforts would pay off and we could be in our forever home.

The Day Arrived

Finally, this day arrived. We built our beautiful home on a mountain in Coquitlam, and I started putting things up on the walls. I told my husband, “Finally, we are in our forever home!”

I was appalled when my husband replied, You never know where God will take us.

Although we are used to change through the years, having God call us to things we weren’t expecting, including church planting, it still seemed so unexpected to leave Coquitlam and this beautiful new home.

That couldn’t be God’s will. I’d been waiting for this home for so long!

The Fifteenth Time

Fast forward one year…our boxes were packed, the house was sold, and we were on our way out to Abbotsford. My husband got a job that we never knew could exist (land development & ministry combined). We prayerfully decided it was time to move for the fifteenth time to Abbotsford.

We heard great things about this certain school in Abbotsford: Abbotsford Christian School.

We toured the school and felt that project-based learning would be a perfect fit for our three boys. We took the leap and moved out to Abbotsford, starting again in a new city. We prayed and asked the Lord to bless this move and to bless our boys at their new school.

Blessings Overflowing

Fast forward one more year.

Our sons love our neighbourhood; they have more friends than we ever hoped for. They have teachers who pray over them, speak truth into their lives, and engage them in learning as I have never seen before. We feel welcomed into the school community.

The blessings are truly overflowing.

I am now teaching at the elementary campus and have found the school community within the staff is so supportive, encouraging, and Christ-like.

All of this, because of one more move, our fifteenth move. A move that wasn’t in our plans but was certainly in God’s plans. We are flourishing at ACS and are so very thankful to our sovereign God who knows what is best, even if we have to move one more time.