The Junior Residency was formed as a way to utilize the Shaping God’s World Fund to support student-led initiatives that meet a real need. We are in year two of our Junior Residency. We have students who are now deeply engaged in the Jr. Residency and are busy putting together action steps to fulfil their project requirements as they move their projects forward.

Here is the third in our Jr. Residency blog series featuring the students and projects of the Junior Residency: 


Growing up, I always wanted to make a difference. The desire to do something great. Coming from a family of missionaries and passionate leaders, I was determined at a young age to lead. I started leading when I was 10, helping lead Sunday school and volunteering at food banks and seniors’ homes. I have a passion for people and their stories.

When the Junior Residency program was recommended to me, I knew this was a perfect opportunity to share an organization’s story and build my own. After going through a decision process, I was struggling between two organizations. I remember coming home torn and conflicted and my dad telling me, “It’s not about choosing the right door but rather choosing to take God with you.” This put things into perspective in understanding that God will work his purpose regardless of my decision.

The Right Door

In the end I chose to partner with M2W2 a prison ministry organization. M2W2 has a special place in my heart. Growing up, I volunteered at their thrift stores and shadowed my dad, who is the Executive Director of M2W2. I watched the development of prison mentorship and being aware of the importance of supporting inmates in prison and those transitioning back into society.

I can truly say that the effects of going into a prison and building relationships with inmates is life changing. Most inmates go decades with out positive human relationships, many have no family left, and no visitors. This creates a dark and lonely cycle which increases the chances of reoffending. Not to mention when an inmate is released many have little to no money, no home, and no food. Sadly this leaves them homeless and desperate to survive. Again, increasing the chances of re-offending.

But when an inmate has a M2W2 mentor they are provided with an authentic human connection that acts as a second chance for them to change their life and their ways. I knew this was the organization I should partner with.

Two Problems, One Solution

After becoming familiar with the  M2W2 staff, I was mentored by Glenn Burchart, program director. Together we identified a need;  we found that M2W2 lacked engagement from younger generations and younger volunteers. We also noticed that for M2W2 to continue, we needed to find an inspiring way for the newer generations of Christians to continue to serve. Due to Covid-19, there was a decrease in volume of customers at both Hidden Treasures thrift stores. This caused a lack of sales.

Together Glenn and I we came up with a way to conquer both problems.

A different type of store; one that would strictly advertise online. But we needed to find a platform used by a lot of people, specifically younger people. There would need to be away to offer pick-up at our store locations in Abbotsford or Chilliwack, in hopes of increasing traffic towards both stores.

The Start-Up

In the end, we created a store on Instagram where we could drive new traffic and inspire younger generations of Christians to support and learn about M2W2.

After many nights working late, I came up with the perfect name for our store: Urban Earth.

I chose “urban” as a representation of the location in which M2W2 is set; an urban space serving many people. I chose the word “earth” to highlight that at M2W2, with the Hidden Treasures thrift stores, they care about the environment.

When I presented the name, Urban Earth, to Glenn and Erik Johnsons (M2W2’s communications & marketing leader), they both loved the name. And from that Urban Earth was born.

A few months later, after much preparation, we successfully launched Urban Earth on December 6, 2022. Many people picked up their purchased items in store and loved our revival of M2W2.

After items were sold I was invited to M2W2’s December board meeting to discuss Urban Earth’s success and our next steps. The team at M2W2 and I will continue to promote and develop Urban Earth. I’m excited that I found my place in the community using my gifts for a such a worthy cause.

Check out Urban Earth on Instagram: @urbanearth_m2w2