Have you ever dreamed of accomplishing something really big? I was 11 years old, dreaming that one day I would make the ACS volleyball team.

I watched both of my older brothers play the sport and I knew that this would be the sport I played at school. I was so nervous at the start of the year because I thought the team would have cuts. Little did I know that everyone who tried out would go on to make the grade 6 volleyball team. To my relief, this little detail secured me a spot on the team.

This moment would solidify my love for the sport that would not only grow into a hobby or passion but an outlet and place of expression too.

On and Off the Court

Reflecting on my seven years of playing ACS volleyball, I can look back with fond memories and am filled with feelings of joy and love. Playing on a volleyball team taught me a great deal of lessons that would translate from the court to everyday life. These lessons were as  simple as communication, teamwork, and persistence toward a common goal.

One of the most important things about playing volleyball at ACS was having teammates to play alongside with. Not only were my teammates crucial people to play volleyball with, but they were also great friends in the classroom, in the halls, and outside of school. They were some of the best people to rely on because we shared so much time together, they knew so much about me.

Playing at ACS not only gave me amazing teammates but also coaches who were walking and modeling their faith with God. Not only did we get to play the sport, but our coaches represented God’s love and showed us how to compete, win, and lose while pleasing God. It was so amazing to constantly see what God gave us all through this beautiful gift of sport that we could play to honor him. These coaches have always been people I admire because of the work that goes into coaching a team.

I graduated from ACS in 2020 and started university in the fall of that same year. It was the first time in eight years that I had not played any volleyball either at ACS or through club. I knew I somehow needed to get back into the sport, but I just didn’t know how.

A few more years passed by until I would go on to graduate from university in June 2022. Quickly following my graduation from university, I was hired to start at the middle school campus as an educational assistant for the 2022-2023 school year. At that moment I knew that God was working in miraculous ways bringing me back to ACS.

Getting Back into The Game

I was so excited to start working at ACS because I knew God was now calling me to be a volleyball coach and get back in the game.

During my staff orientation day, Mike Cumiskey, led a meeting with all the new middle school staff.. During this meeting, he mentioned many important details and a range of things to remember. One such thing that stood out for me was how amazing it would be if we, as new staff, volunteers in some way, such as coaching. Sorry, Mike, that’s probably the only thing I  remember from that meeting because at that point I was so ready to volunteer and coach.

The next week I found Kit Williams and asked if he needed any volleyball coaches for the upcoming season. To my relief and excitement, he said YES! He needed another coach for the grade 8 girls’ volleyball team.

My Greatest Joy

This began my involvement in coaching and back into the sport that I had taken so much time away from. That year I gave back to a group of girls much like other coaches gave to me when I was their age.

Fast forward a few years and I can proudly say that I was good enough that they kept me around for another season.

One of my greatest joys is to say this past month I  finished my second year of coaching volleyball. I  had the privilege of coaching alongside Kirsten Klompmaker and Brianna Hoogland in my first year of coaching, and in my second year, I coached with Kirsten Klompmaker and Sarah Pruim. I am so excited for many more years of coaching.

I believe 11-year-old me would probably not have thought that I would go on to coach volleyball nonetheless at the same school that invested into me all those years. I only hope I can coach these girls in a way that not only brings them long-lasting memories but also shows them the work God is always doing in their lives through sports.