Jackie Stewart was called to ACS Secondary 25 years ago, bringing her energetic, can-do attitude, and abilities to the community. As always, Jackie took on this new challenge enthusiastically and poured herself into her calling and career wholeheartedly. She plunged into this new opportunity as if it were Jaffray lake on a hot summer’s day.

EA and Colleague

As an educational assistant, Jackie worked alongside students with varying abilities and complex health concerns. She invested herself in meeting the needs of others and genuinely cared about her students.

She worked with students requiring one-to-one higher needs support as well as with students needing assistance in higher-level academics. If Jackie didn’t know the curriculum, she learned the content before her students. Although Ed Van Woerden may have something to say about her somewhat remarkable “2-days and never-again” stint in math class.

Her servant heart couldn’t help but spill over into caring for her colleagues. If someone was sick, she brought them a meal. If someone was moving, Jackie organized a cleaning crew to help scrub down their new place and help them unpack. And if you felt the need to craft…Jackie was your person.

Basketball and more…

Jackie also used her skills in extracurricular activities, particularly in sports, alongside her husband, Keith. Many alumni will recall her years of coaching, bus trips, tournaments, and those weekends away. Van trips were exciting.

Her daughter, Jody, tells of a memorable night after a tournament with the team packed in the van and Keith driving in the dark, leaving Tim Horton’s. Jackie spotted the speed bumps ahead and managed a hearty “Keith, look out! Alas, he hit them going 50 km/hr and was soon accosted by flying food and coffee.

Along with coaching, it was a natural progression for Jackie to take on the role of athletic director for a time. Never was that furnace-room-turned-weight-room annexed into the athletic director’s office, in better shape. Every pinnie, every uniform, and every necessary item was thoroughly organized, accurately labeled (like everything, including her kitchen), and spit-spot clean! And God help the person who messed it up!

Prayer and Joy

If you ever want to have fun, invite Jackie. Jackie’s joy is contagious. Her love of life and laughter encompasses all that she does. She easily abandons caution to jump right into the loopyness of a situation.

Once she tried to bring athleticism to those of us who are more challenged in this regard. In desperation, Jackie attempted to move people from Jillian Michaels workouts to the art of Prancercise. Check it out, it’s actually a thing!

Although joy is her friend, prayer is her signature. Taking it to the Lord in prayer is how she rolls. It’s her go-to…always! If Jackie says she’ll pray for you, she does and often right on the spot. Many times, we gathered as EAs to take burdens to the Lord.

Although Jackie has many passions: gardening, time with family—especially with grandchildren—crafting, friends, serving at ACS, and volunteering at the Gathering Markit, her faith is the central focus of her life. Jackie’s faith has taken her and others through many of life’s ups and downs.

Jackie has created a myriad of wonderful memories in the hearts of so many over the years. A multitude of students, parents, and staff have been impacted by her life and service here at ACS and that impact will live on.