The Junior Residency was formed as a way to utilize the Shaping God’s World Fund to support student-led initiatives that meet a real need. We are in year one of our Junior Residency. We have students who are now deeply engaged in the Jr. Residency and are busy putting together action steps to fulfil their project requirements as they move their projects forward.

Here is the second in our Jr. Residency blog series featuring the students and projects of the Junior Residency: 


One thing you should know about me is that I’m incredibly indecisive.

You’d be surprised at how many hours of my life I’ve spent contemplating decisions no matter how big or small. Anywhere from ice cream flavours to determining my future I often have difficulty making decisions. When first presented with the many incredible organization options for us Junior Residency students to partner with, I was overwhelmed but nevertheless excited.

Part of who I am is my incredible indecisiveness.

I had hopped from idea to idea and my mind was spinning with all the opportunities laid out before me. However, I still didn’t feel fully connected with any of the first options and was wrestling with the stress of deciding, per usual.

That was when Mrs. Hieke Morton came in.

The Perfect Fit

The Gathering Markit is a new up and running organization which comes with much excitement. We heard small bits about what the organization and several of us Junior Residency students were intrigued. Mrs. Morton, then, explained her personal experiences along with incredible empathy for an apparent need.

From an early age my parents implemented healthy living habits and the importance of nutrition. I am incredibly privileged to never have to worry about whether there would be food on the table when I got home from school. I haven’t experienced some of the pressures millions face every day. This always tugged at my heart knowing the large amount of kids all over Canada who don’t have access to nutritional and consistent meals. I knew immediately that the Gathering Markit was high on my list for organizations I wanted to work with.

As Mrs. Morton described the role a Jr. Residency student would have in the organization, it sounded like a perfect fit. This opportunity provides a little bit of everything; I can use my creativity, interpersonal skills, as well as learn more about business and marketing. I’ve not only been able to volunteer for the organization but also been able to explore different skillsets that I could pursue in the future. Another reason why The Gathering Markit is such an incredible fit for. I’ve already met some of our clients as well as served them hands on in the Markit.

This project has and will continue to help me grow as an individual and provide incredible opportunities to help real people who are a part of a real cause.