I’m not a very social person and I don’t think that’s a downside to my personality.

When other people are out having fun at the mall, I’m either in my house playing video games or skateboarding. Sometimes, because of where we live and all the beautiful mountains, I will just stare into nature, appreciating the place we live in.

Thoughts About Nothing (and Everything)

Sometimes I think about nothing, but other times I think of how life was with no urban areas, no skyscrapers, no dark alleyways, and no artificial light. I also think of how the world would be in the future, and how much of this beautiful landscape will be covered in a human shell of waste and artificial “beauty.” Nature and landscape are such a beautiful thing when untouched, because instead of seeing the work of humans, we see the work of God and what He can make out of nothing.

Appreciating God’s handiwork

Because of my introverted personality, I believe that I can appreciate nature, probably because I have a lot more time, but also because when I see things, I can appreciate them by keeping them to myself and treasuring them. God plays such a big part in what I believe, because none of the things in nature, or even the things that are man-made, would be possible without Him.

The contrast between God and the things that we made, although they can be cool, is so big and there is no contest. When you see the most beautiful area of nature, and the most beautiful human-made thing in the world, you see the purity and love poured into it. The answer of why is simple; God is perfect and blameless, and nature is the same.

What I Believe

What I believe, although you probably already figured it out, is the comparison between God creation and the things that we as a human race create, is in favour of nature. Nature is so pure and untouched, and although it’s hard to pinpoint, the reason people love nature is because the God who made it is perfect and amazing.