Recently, I painted a self-portrait symbolizing my relationship with God. In my painting there are three fish skeletons swimming in a dull but starry galaxy. Each fish swimming around my black and white painted face represents one of the Trinity: The Father, The Son, and The Holy spirit. The fish skeletons swimming through the stars represent my faith. The galaxy shows that the weak frail fish are clearly lost and don’t know where to go.

Often I feel lost in my faith, anxiously in search of a map to help guide me.

Although I have amazingly hardworking people all around me, people who raised me to know and absolutely love God, it seems that my connection with the Lord is still weak. I pray every day, begging God to pull me closer to Him. Now, all I need is patience. Patience for not only God, but for myself.

I know my Saviour will meet me no matter where I am in my walk of faith.

Not Alone

I was talking with my friends about this topic the other day. Shockingly enough, both of the girls felt the same way I did. We were all at different parts of the same journey. Each one of us loved God with all we had, but the three of us all get caught thinking sometimes, questioning and doubting Gods existence. I think that each and every Christian goes through something similar to my story. We all have questions and uncertainties that God doesn’t always answer right away, but experiences like these are what strengthen my faith. God doesn’t always answer me in the way I expect or want, but I trust He has a plan.


Christian or not, I believe that no matter where someone is; God will always meet them there. Although I may be lost, I know and trust that God has the map and is leading me closer to him each and every day.