Christmas Spirit

As I slowly began the process of pulling out my Christmas decorations, after hearing the first Christmas song playing on the radio, I pulled out the old Christmas sweaters from my ”tickle trunk” at the top of my closet. I successfully pulled out two brightly coloured knit sweaters which I plan to wear and not save for a tacky sweater party! Then I rummaged through the box a little more and found a little blast from the past—my ACS Knights athletic wear from, well…some time ago.

School spirit

With my oldest being in high school, I found myself recently walking the same halls that I walked down as a teenager…each hallway bringing back a variety of old memories from throughout my high school years including:

  • dressing up for twin day
  • eating taco salad from the canteen every Thursday
  • being one of four grade 8 students with lockers in the grade 12 wing
  • heading to McDonald’s or Shell during spare
  • tennis, bowling or racquetball in PE with Tonka Tonka (aka Mr. Jack Boersma)
  • band tour to Quebec
  • many sports tournaments and going to provincials
  • 3-point competitions and basketball practices when Dani Rebain (now De Jong) was my basketball coach.

My favourite drill was as a team we sat around the centre of the gym for our daily pep talk. Then Dani would say, “First one to the “KNIGHT” painting on the wall and back doesn’t have to run lines with the rest of the team.” This was my favourite drill as it was one of the only ones I successfully won!

I enjoyed playing sports at ACS: from track, floor hockey, gymnastics, volleyball, basketball and soccer (Patrick Naayer was our coach in his first year teaching at our school). I was a massive school sports fan and loved being part of a team.

Now I have the pleasure of being a parent; cheerleading, sideline coaching as well as helping, whether I am watching my own kids play or any of our school teams play. I love the pleasure of seeing an athlete grow and learn throughout the season, as well as the coaches, fans and many supporters. I love watching an athlete help a fallen opponent get up, watching the fight to win near the end of the race, giving every bit of steam they have left to do their very best.

ACS athletics has been an absolute joy to be a part of.

Holy Spirit

I just wanted thank all those who give of their free time to teach our children. Thank you for molding our children into successful athletes filled with the Holy Spirit on and off the court.

And to all our athletes, we are so proud of you and the school you represent.

Wishing you all a very blessed Christmas. GO KNIGHTS!