On an annual basis, during late January/early February, my father flies all of his boys (3 of us) and a son-in-law out to the Phoenix area for a long weekend of golf. This year was no exception. Not only was it a great weekend of golf with memories that came from this, but it was also an opportunity to re-connect as siblings—something we brothers cherish and look forward to. Like most golf junkies, when you golf a lot together, a vocabulary begins to emerge. Moreover, when you have an entire weekend dedicated to golfing—this vocabulary becomes a part of your everyday discussions.

These sayings may or may not have been heard or uttered on my recent golf outing with my dad and brothers.

Top 11 list of Sayings you hear on the golf course.

1. Youdda Man 
Normally shouted by another player after a great shot from the tee, but something that could be shouted at any time right after swing impact.

2. Lifted your head again
Often mentioned by another player after “duffing” a shot. Sometimes mentioned by the one who took the shot and depending on the quantity of this type of shot.

3. Dude—that shot made it to the second row of houses…you know the ones without “insurance” 
This refers to someone with a wicked slice or hook on a course that has rows of houses along the fairways.

4. After passing a sign on the course that says “Golfers are ultimately responsible for all golf shots on the course and the repercussions that may ensue,” and then reciting this sign out loud with specific word emphasis and hints of sarcasm—at poignant times to fit the moment.

5. I haven’t golfed in forever
A commonly used phrase in anticipation of a poor round. It seems to grant the golfer some additional grace from their playing partners.

6. I just picked up a new driver
Again used in anticipation of a poor round of driving—meant to have people understand the plight of using something brand new and needing to get used to it.

7. The greens are hard today
A reference made to how firm the greens are, but really an excuse for never being able chip the ball on the green in regulation.

8. Trees are 70% air
This comment is made just prior to a confident golfer who is completely blocked by a towering tree with no chance to go through it, but thinks that this is the time…

9. I’ll just give it a little foot wedge
This isn’t actually said out loud, it’s what we are thinking when we kick our ball to a better position when no one is looking.

10. What ball are you playing?
A question often heard from deep in the woods or out of bounds area as a couple people help try to find yet another lost ball.

11. I’m done
Usually proclaimed at about the 15th hole when enduring a horrible round. Although, by the time the 16th hole comes around they are miraculously up for another tee shot.  And, somewhere in the last three holes a great shot emerges—and the golfer agrees to another round with his/her buddies for next time.

I’m sure there are many more and even ones that shouldn’t be repeated. I believe God created golf to bring people together—and to provide opportunities for people to connect. There is definitely something about a round of golf with people you love or appreciate—and there is a common language that gets generated.

If anyone is up for a round of golf, let me know—we can generate our own common language.