We are enjoying having the grade 5 students at the middle school! They have been at our campus for almost two months now and feel right at home. Even though the COVID-19 restrictions allow limited interaction with the grade 5 students and teachers, we are so glad they are here!

So, we want to share with you…


1. The grade 5 students bring a great sense of humour to the downstairs hallway; there is often laughter and you can always count on a smile and a greeting when you pass in the hallway.

2. Having Maury Thiessen (one of the grade 5 teachers) at the middle school means that every morning the gates to the parking lot are open before 7:00 am and the lights are on in the middle school hallways by 7:00 as well.

3. Stuffies and American Dolls have taken up residence in the middle school in an unprecedented way.

4. The grade 5 students have such an enthusiasm for school and learning; it is so much fun to see and be a part of the excitement. They model this to all the middle school students.

5. In PE and on the playground, the grade 5 students usually prefer to honour their classmates instead of taking over an activity or insist on excluding someone to win. In other words, they care more about each other than they do competition. Carrie Lockwood

6. They remind us even younger children can be leaders.

7. Having the grade 5 students move from the elementary school gave Mr. van Eerden a chance to come over and experience middle school with them. Roy van Eerden

8. What a blessing to hear grade 5 students share from their hearts in some of the most tender, open-hearted prayer requests we have ever heard.

9. We had no idea the hallway could become a bike storage locker and the parking lot a bike track during the biking unit. Perseverance and courage are words that come to mind when watching these students brave some neighbourhood bike trips. Kristie Spyksma

10. Grade 5’s know how to find loopholes or exceptions to almost any statement and they are happy to help us with effective communication by pointing these out. Gives us a whole new understanding of the importance of being literal in giving instructions!

11.  The grade 5 students brought some amazing grade 5 teachers along with them from the elementary!

And this list is just the beginning! We know as the days pass we’ll have many more reasons to love having the grade 5 students and teachers at the middle school. What about you? What is your favourite thing about the grade 5s being at the middle school?