I spent spring break with 11 princesses and a snowman and I loved it! My wife and I drove our girls down to Disneyland for their first visit at the “happiest place on earth,” and found that even though we were on a break from school, we could still learn a lot.

Here are some insights I gathered from the princesses (including four of my own) and the snowman:

  • Snow White – She reminded me that it’s good to graciously welcome visitors, no matter how many strangers happen to come to your castle (but I’m not sure how she kept the happy, squeaky voice going for so long)!
  • CinderellaI learned that sometimes the glass slipper falls off, but you persevere and remain true to your character as the reward will be great.
  • Belle – She taught me that true beauty is humble and caring, and beautiful people compliment others and encourage them ceaselessly, even if others can be beastly.
  • Jasmine – I learned that as long as you keep smiling (like my toddler’s doll), you can captivate others’ interest. Our two and a half year old saw her on a boat after two months of build-up and was fascinated, not disappointed, by Jasmine’s first “real” appearance.
  • Ariel – She taught me not to complain about sore feet after an average of 20 km/day of walking. At least we didn’t have to make a deal with Ursula to get feet in the first place!
  • Anna – Having a sense of humour is a good thing. She had us laughing with her description of Svend in a race against Lightning McQueen. Apparently, carrots can be very motivating when on a stick…
  • Elsa – While one might get tired of using talents and gifts for the right reasons, a break can refresh you and give you a boost to keep working faithfully. Gifts and talents can also come in very unique forms!
  • Miriam – You don’t have to go to Disney to have happiness. 40 hours in a vehicle with a huge stack of books is wonderful!
  • Leah – You don’t have to go to Disney to have fun. Jumping over ocean waves with Grandpa was a highlight!
  • Ruth – You don’t have to go to Disney to enjoy others’ company. Countless hours horsing around in a pool with family hits the spot!
  • Aalie – You don’t have to go to Disney to experience joy. Sometimes a couple of leaves floating in the pool will be amazing! Waves coming in from the ocean are an incredible surprise, too!
  • Olaf – Air conditioning in California is a great thing (Our van AC broke down the first day in LA). It’s also good not to be yellow…