This time of year must be one of the worst to “get to” write a blog. It feels like, “have to” kind of work, especially in the midst of writing report card comments. But, since I am in the mode of comment writing, here are my Term 2 comments, written in third person:

Seth’s Term 2 Report Card

We continue to enjoy having Seth at our school, as he generally shows up with a positive attitude. On some mornings, Seth is a tad grumpy, which he usually attributes to some other driver cutting him off and making him realize that he has a long way to go on his pilgrimage towards self-control–especially that of the tongue.

However, a few people in his vehicle are subjected to the shock of hearing his comments. We encourage him to continue to monitor his language. Fortunately, he is quick to recover from the commute and readily engages in the activity at hand, unless working on his blog post, for which he still needs the support of deadlines.

Seth shows a willingness to work with others and while he is open to their ideas, he needs to continue finding the balance between stepping up and stepping back. While this is a challenge, we are sure that he is learning better opportunities for when to speak and when to be quiet. He tries to do his best for others by helping his students learn and helping his colleagues become even better teachers.  Seth eats a lot of sweet snacks and should consider sharing more frequently.

He enjoys his co-workers, and only needs to remember to share his gratitude more regularly and more consistently, especially because they are so wonderful, creative and committed to Christian education!

He gets along well with his friends and family, with whom he engages in wise and enjoyable activities, like hiking, biking, playing guitar or gardening. Seth continues to work towards finding a healthy balance between work and home, but his family will attest that he is generally present and ready to be involved when he arrives home.

At times, he will act selfishly, preferring to watch a Canucks or Seahawks game instead of changing a diaper or helping his daughters with some school work, but gentle reminders from his wife are heeded quickly.

Seth has a great appetite for learning new things, and he has had an exciting year, from being involved with a group of teachers travelling to High Tech High to understanding Project Based Learning (PBL) and effective schools more clearly.

He is learning many ideas that will assist his group when they share their work during the last week of August at the PBL Residency, hosted right at ACS! We encourage Seth to share his ideas with a healthy blend of confidence and transparency, understanding that he has both some experience and still a lot to learn.

One area he can spend a little more time in is his faith development. Now and again, Seth sinks into a comfortable routine, believing that simply attending church, irregularly reading his Bible and treating others kindly is enough. He would be wise to remember that anything done without love is meaningless. We are confident because God is gracious and won’t give up on Seth!

It has been a good second term for Seth, and we look forward to the exciting things that will happen in Term 3. Enjoy your spring break, Seth! Oh, and if someone cuts you off, be patient…