I can’t help it…I am a first grade teacher, and when asked to write a blog post, well, this was the idea that popped in my head! An alphabet poem: words about my summer! Maybe there are a few of them that you can relate to? Maybe one or two might jog a memory? Maybe you have a few to add to the list?

Here goes. . .

Awesome adventures, airplanes at the airshow
Blackberry stains, bee stings, bug bites
Camps, cleaning, creek walks, campfires, God’s creation
Driving, deer watching
Early-mornings enjoying creation
Friends, family, fire pits, fire-bans, fireworks, Freezies, fans
Games, gardening, God’s glory, geocaching
Hot dogs, heat stroke
Ice cream! Instagram overload
Joking, jogging, juice stands
Kayaking, knotting, kids
Laundry, laundry, laundry… and being lazy
Mountains, maps, milkshakes
Nature, no fear, new recipes to try
Off the path, oceans, outdoors, owls
Pools, picnics, playgrounds, parades
Quading trails, quiet (occasionally, anyway!)
Roasting marshmallows, reading, relaxing, road trips
Sunshine, sunsets, swimming
Teapot hill, trails, trailers, tools, trampolines
Up-too-late, United States
VBS, visits, vacations
Walks, wonder, waves, water, winning contests
Yummy BBQs, yawns, young-at-heart
Zoo, zealous, zooming by too quickly

Even if words are not your thing, enjoy the rest of your summer!