Thank you for attending this historic night––a true “We Are All ACS” moment! Your participation and support is inspiring. 

And thank you for confirming the future direction of ACS with the vote. You are building the future for our students. Literally. 

“God’s faithfulness and the inevitability of change”––that was the central message Amy VanBelle conveyed as she introduced the evening as co-chair. 

Several informative and detailed presentations followed. We received a detailed update from fellow campaign co-chair, Rick Thiessen, and also reno team chair, Steve Atsma. The finance team report by Kevin De Wolde was encouraging and a great cause for optimism. It was clear to everyone listening to the presenters, that much thought and prayer had gone into the motion being brought before the society. 

Ongoing, there are still other important direction-setting decisions to be made on addressing key needs of the proposed plans, relative to the $10.5 million which has been raised or pledged so far. The work continues.  

Vision: to rebuild and renovate the Secondary campus with funding raised by TSI

  • a new scaled-back design focused on key needs; innovation based on essentials
  • minimize disruption to students by keeping them on site during construction phase
  • a value-engineering process led to multi-purposing the learning commons as theatre space

Vision: to expand the middle school to accommodate growth

  • a separate project from the secondary campus; creation of unique grade 5 – 8 model
  • construction happening at the same time as the secondary renovation/construction
  • a grade 5/6 pod will be created in existing middle school and a grade 7/8 pod in the new addition

In the Q&A that followed, Tym Berger reassured parents of the process of welcoming grade 5’s into the middle school community. The promising financial projections of revenue-over-expenses were further addressed by Kevin De Wolde. The projected growth into a four-track system will ultimately help to fund the middle project and repayment of debt over time. Once the school is fully a four-track system all the way through K-12, the projected total enrollment would be 1344 students. The trends, forecasting, and waiting lists indicate that this will become our reality. 

Questions were also answered on how our McConnell Rd. property fits into the big picture – Justin Mulder presented on behalf of the ACD board. While it remains a holding property for now, the board now has permission to sell the McConnell property in next 5 years if the right opportunity arises. Thoughtful research will continue to maximize return on investment. 

It was certainly a historic night for the ACS journey. And the road ahead looks different now than when we began 5 years ago. Needs change––change is inevitable––but God is faithful. The expansion of the middle school was certainly an unanticipated development. Now moving forward, both the middle and secondary projects are slated for completion in fall of 2020. 

Thank you to all who have donated or pledged, to all our volunteers, to our leadership team and capable co-chairs, and to everyone who participated in this significant night at ACS. We are excited, humbled, and thankful as the next chapter begins. Onward and forward we go! 

Please continue to pray for the next steps as we fulfill this mandate of 97% approval! 

Brian Koning, Director of Advancement
(On behalf of the TSI Leadership Team)