Hello ACS Community!

It’s about time for an update on the building projects! As we’ve all enjoyed a little extended summer to close out September, the whirlwind of activity at the start of the school year is nearly behind us. The year is off to a good start. Our prayer is for every student to find their place at ACS and grow into who God intends them to be.  

Speaking of “growing”, ACS itself continues to experience a strong trend of growth – current enrollment is now at 1149 – and the demand continues!  

It’s this combination of ongoing demand and projected growth which ultimately led to revising the plans for the middle and secondary additions this past spring. We are so thankful that a vision for the future was approved at the March 1st special society meeting. Meanwhile, there has been a whirlwind of activity behind the scenes ever since. To quote our board chair, Rick Thiessen’s opening comments from that meeting, “I want to thank everyone…. it’s been a lot of work up until this point, and it looks like there will be a lot more to come in the near future.”  

So true. And that future is now. And the work is happening. We are marching forward to make faithful use of the $10.5 million of campaign funds raised and pledged in order to serve your children and grandchildren for generations at ACS. 

We are excited to report, that after several iterations and much back and forth communication with the Planning Dept., the Building Committee has recently received approval from the City of Abbotsford for our site plan. 

The site plan approval was a critical step forward in order to be able to submit a request for a building permit. Now we can march forward and submit for a building permit in early November 2018, hopefully looking forward to receiving our permit in February/March 2019. 

Have a look at the site plan to get an idea of the scope of these two simultaneous projects in the middle and secondary wings. There is also an extensive expansion of parking as required by the City, and renovation/refreshing planned for much of the rest of the existing buildings. We are so excited by this vision!  

Other exciting plans are in the works for a new middle school playground to accommodate the grade 5’s relocating to this campus; a recording studio in the secondary music room; and potentially even a rainwater harvesting system. Some of these “extras” were partially funded by the Dream3Drive annual drive as well.  

Please continue to pray for your school and these projects. We will continue with regular updates through the school year as we achieve various approvals and milestones. Hopefully we can also share a more detailed timeline with the next update, and all of this is leading up to an exciting ground-breaking in spring 2019.  

Blessings on the 2018-2019 school year ahead! 


Brian Koning
Director of Advancement
(on behalf of the TSI Leadership Team)