You belong to an amazing community!

During the hundreds of This Square Inch visits, an inspiring theme was heard over and over again: education within a Christian worldview still matters to you deeply.
Thanks to the vision of those who’ve gone before you, over 2,300 students have graduated from ACS with this foundation.  Your children will continue to benefit from this foundation, as well as a growing vision of how to help them take their place in this fast-changing world.  Thanks to you, the next generations of graduates will be equipped even more fully.  
As we approach the end of the campaign on September 30, we are asking you to join us in prayer for your school.  Your prayers are vital to the process of bringing the This square Inch vision to life.

  • Praise God for those who have supported the campaign and have pledged just over 8 million dollars.  This is the most money that any one Christian school in BC has raised – ever!  You are part of this legacy!
  • Please pray for those members in our community who are finalizing their pledge and donation decisions for This Square Inch.  You can pray for God’s will do be done through these gifts. 
  • Be in prayer for your ACS board members as they meet in mid October to make some significant and challenging decisions about what to present to the ACS society in late November.  The end result will include consultation with members of our community, as well as consideration of conversations that have taken place over the past 2 years with all of you…Be sure to circle November 23 on your calendars.

As you heard from the very beginning of the campaign, we will trust God through this process.  Wherever He takes us on this journey, we will celebrate together and lead the community forward.  So, as we gather everything you’ve contributed, everything we’ve learned, and put all of the pieces together, we rest in the assurance that God has an amazing plan for Abbotsford Christian School and that our community will be extraordinarily blessed once again.   
Thank you for your support and your prayers, and we look forward to communicating with everyone again at the Society meeting/AGM in November.
Sincerely yours,

Rick Thiessen & Amy VanBelle
This Square Inch Campaign Co-Chairs