TSI Update: November 24, 2016

Last Thursday evening was a big night for our ACS community.  Thank you to those of you who were able to attend the Annual General Meeting. 

You have chosen to partner with us in this campaign.  We are so grateful for your support, and wanted to give you a recap of what was presented.

To date we have completed over 350 visits with our community.

We’ve been blessed to hear all the things people love and appreciate about our school, such as the supportive community and partnership parents have with teachers. We’re also listening to the concerns that some have about the project. Some feel the learning commons is too big and flashy, others love the openness and natural light and wonder if we are building big enough.  Some feel that we should be borrowing to fund this project, while others appreciate the goal of not taking on any new debt.  Through these conversations we are listening and trying to discern God’s will.  We are reconnecting with our community and building a sense of unity and common purpose.

We are pleased to announce that we have collected 225 pledges for a total of $6,434,302.  We still have over 500 visits to complete, but there is excitement and momentum. The goal is achievable if we all continue to work hard together.

We are grateful and celebrate 6.4 million!  The increase from last spring has come mostly over the last three months since summer break is a difficult time to keep a campaign going at 100 percent. This total comes from approximately 225 pledges to date, however there are an additional 125 pledges currently outstanding in the collecting phase and we know that there is the potential for a variety of gift sizes in this group. Just think about this for a moment, there are still half as many pledges outstanding as received and we have only visited approximately 50% of our targeted total.

Over the next few months we are really focusing on the corporate community and are very hopeful that this will yield considerable support. 

Reasons to celebrate:

  • The ACS community has raised the most support ever in a Christian school campaign in BC.

  • That fact will not change no matter where we end up.

  • Staff and Board have shown incredible leadership and belief in the vision for the future of education by exceeding the targets laid out in the feasibility study.

  • Although we have only visited 35% of our parent community, and half of this 35% still have outstanding pledges, this group is also on track with meeting projections of the feasibility study.

  • We also received great news that a donor family in the parent community is willing to match the total pledged by the staff. 

  • During the initial phase, we received gifts at all levels.  More recently, we have received many gifts at the “Leader” level and our hope is that the corporate community will provide gifts at the “Innovator” and “Visionary” levels.

  • We do already have 5 pledges in the “Visionary” category.  Three at $500,000 and two at $1,000,000. Much to be thankful for!

In April of 2015, the Society passed a motion to begin this capital campaign. We are working hard to stay true to the intentions of the motion which included 4 foundational principles:

  • Scope of the project will be determined by the amount pledged. We will only build what our community collectively supports.

  • 100% of funds will be pledged before construction starts.

  • Tuition revenue will not be used to fund capital in this project.

  • No additional long term debt will be incurred, other than bridge financing during construction and pledge collection.

Questions you might ask?

Q.   Will this come back to another Society Meeting?
A.  Before starting any construction the board will have to come to the society with a final set of plans/drawings and ask for approval to proceed.  It is just too large of a project even if there is no borrowing required.

Q.   Will you extend the timeline?
A.    Possibly, if we feel it would warrant further pledges.  At some point though we need to cut it off and proceed with what we have/know.

Q.   How will it affect the scope and the timeline?
A.   To be determined.  That’s hard to say until we finish the fund raising process.

Q.   Will you go into debt?
A.    No.  That has been a key principle all along.  There would have to be a very long discussion with the Society before we even considered that.  We have said all along that we want to listen to God and He will provide what is needed for His will at ACS.

Q.   Will you phase the project?
A.    Our preference would be not to. In the end this becomes more costly for construction.

Q.   What happens to what’s already been pledged if we don’t go ahead?
A.    We will go ahead with something for sure.  The question will be whether it needs to be scaled back.

In closing, the path going forward to achieve God’s will MAY be different from what was first laid out, but in the end, we believe in a vision of excellence and transparency for our students and our community. Only God knows the future of This Square Inch.  We are striving to be obedient in this process as we continue to trust in Him for the outcome.

Rick Thiessen & Amy Van Belle, Campaign Co-Chairs

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