With the attainment of the building permit clearly in our rear view, we have literally been “laying the ground work” over the past few months and doing our best to overcome weather obstacles as well as delays in the project due to the building permit delays. Fricia continues to steer the project forward as we shoot towards our timeline targets.

A project of this significance is challenging while students continue to learn on campus. Over the next few months, Fricia has laid out a plan that will have minimal impact on student learning, but there will be some levels of disruption at times. Obviously, student safety will be paramount. We are so grateful for the flexibility of both the staff and the students thus far in this project.


  • February 14, 15, 17 (Family Day weekend): The current secondary lobby will be opened up to locate existing service lines. This will be patched back up in time for school on February 18.
  • Month of February: The new international student classroom and computer lab flooring and cabinetry will be installed 
  • February 20: The foundation will be laid and poured for the new secondary school wing
  • March 15: Tilt up walls will be poured and installed on the middle school wing and the secondary school wing
  • March 16-27 (Spring Break):
    • There will be a power outage for the first week of spring break
    • The middle school administration wing demolition will start (the middle school admin staff will be relocated to room 119 the week before)
    • The north exterior wall of the middle school learning support services offices will be demolished
    • The secondary POL studio and international students lower offices will be roped off for construction


As was saw and appreciated in the fundraising for the project with This Square Inch, our community rallied massively in support of the project! Once again we are asking the community to come out and support us in different ways. We are now hoping people are willing to volunteer for different mini-projects as they come up during the renovation.

TSI 2.0

Speaking of TSI, there are many new families to our school that have yet to participate in the campaign for this building and are asking about it. There are others who asked us to call them back when the construction had started. Plans are being put into place for TSI 2.0! Look for more details later this spring. 

Thanks again for your prayers and support. We continue to celebrate this project as a community project and have appreciated the many levels of support we continue to receive here at This Square Inch.

If you have any questions or concerns, please be in touch.

Julius Siebenga, Executive Director
Steve Atsma, TSI Project Coordinator


Thanks to our trade partners who have already contributed to the project: