On Friday, May 21 we received a partial occupancy permit for the new secondary west wing. This is very exciting! On Tuesday, May 25 the students and staff participated in a COVID friendly commissioning. Attaining this permit is actually ahead of schedule—a testament to Fricia’s construction management team; they have done an incredible job coordinating this wing and the entire project. Students and staff are now busy moving into these new spaces and utilizing them as learning spaces.


There are three main sections of the project that are considered “new build” and each of them are at different stages. We also have additional areas we are renovating. In total, the six main sections are:

  • In the middle school wing, we received final occupancy of this area before spring break and our grade 7 and 8 students are settled into this new space! There is not much to report as this wing is mostly complete.
  • In the new secondary section, we received the occupancy permit and students are now occupying this space. The 2021 grad class will spend their last month of grade 12 in this space!
  • In the Learning Commons and main reception, there are many exciting things going on internally and externally.
  • In the middle school gymnasium addition, foundations and slab were poured and the walls have been erected!
  • In current spaces being renovated, the International Students’ offices are fully renovated and occupied. The secondary admin wing renovations are complete and is now re-occupied by secondary admin staff and Student Life Centre (SLC) staff. The four classrooms (two upstairs and two downstairs) in the back of the school beside the secondary music room are now completely renovated with new flooring, paint, lighting, and ceilings.
  • In the exterior landscape and hardscape (parking lots), this work has moved into full swing as we move from spring to summer.


Middle school wing:  As you know, we are occupying this space and loving it! Currently we have grades 7 and 8 in the wing. There are a few additional items being worked on:

  • Blinds installation in classrooms.
  • Additional furniture still required.
  • Additional millwork installation in a few offices.

Secondary wing: Now that we have received the permit, we are doing the hard work of moving into this space.

  • An important part of attaining the permit for the southwest wing was beginning the demolition of the old science wing. This will be an ongoing project in the month of June.

Learning Commons and main reception: In June, we will experience some important additions and ongoing upgrades.

  • Painting the interior will continue.
  • Flooring installation will continue.
  • Guard rails and glass rails will get installed.
  • Plumbing fixtures and toilets will be installed.
  • Operable (movable) walls will be installed.
  • Millwork installation will begin.

Current spaces:

  • The old Student Life Centre (SLC) area is now being renovated and turned into new office/storage areas for the kitchen as well as smaller collaboration breakout rooms.
  • The current art room and adjacent classroom are receiving extensive upgrades to their ceilings. This work was required due to new fire and safety codes. This includes re-framing the ceiling, new drywall, re-painting, new flooring, and new lighting. These rooms are expected to be completed by mid-June.
  • A current grade 8 classroom is being renovated into a Learning Support Services (LSS) activity room and is approximately 75% complete. Painting, flooring, plumbing, and lighting are expected to be completed over the summer.

Landscape and parking lot:

  • We are in the process of pouring new sidewalks and continuing work on the front exterior stage and hardscape areas.
  • Legacy Benches: Approximately 20 benches are included in the landscape design. Honorary Members have been invited to sponsor these Legacy Benches and a plaque will be mounted on the benches in their honour.
  • The groundwork for the playground will continue to be installed.
  • Portables: The portables sitting on the tennis courts were sold and removed allowing for further work on preparing this area for parking.
  • The front entrance canopy: the foundation work will be happening in June.

TSI 2.0

We have fully launched TSI 2.0. Our This Square Inch (TSI) campaign raised $10.5 million to help fund this project. However, the total cost of the project (including the middle school additions and secondary upgrades) is close to $22 million. TSI CONNECT EVENTS:  As part of TSI 2.0, we hosted five TSI 2.0 Connect events on Zoom for all new school families in the last 4+ years (since we closed the TSI campaign). Sixty-three families have participated in these events. Thank you to those who have already attended a TSI 2.0 event! TSI CORPORATE DONOR WALL: The ACS Board has designated a separate, stand-alone corporate donor wall in our Learning Commons. This unique installation will acknowledge and celebrate our amazing community and the corporations/businesses who have made a significant contribution to the project. TSI LEGACY BENCHES (see above): If you are an honorary member, be sure to contact Brian Koning, Director of Advancement for more information. These benches are going fast (at the time of this writing, there are only three left!). END OF PLEDGE: Many people/families who completed their TSI pledge have chosen to either extend their giving or make a one-time additional gift to the campaign. What a blessing!


As previously mentioned, we are busy hosting hard hat tours for members of our community throughout the remaining months of construction. These hard hat tours are by invitation only. Every person who has made a financial contribution to the project (of any size), has received an invitation to come on a tour—this is approximately 800 people! These tours have been illuminating for many and we encourage anyone who received an email invitation (most recently from Brian Koning) to sign up.

Thanks again for your prayers and support, especially during this unsettling time. We continue to celebrate this project as a community project, and have appreciated the many levels of support we continue to receive for This Square Inch.

If you have any questions or concerns, please be in touch.

Thank you,

Julius Siebenga, Executive Director
On behalf of the TSI Building Project Communications Team

Thanks to our trade partners who have already contributed to the project: