Each month we’ll share news from the job site including what’s happened in the previous month, what’s coming up next, things you need to know, and specific prayer requests. Thanks for being a part of This Square Inch!

Ground Breaking Ceremony

Ground breaking month has arrived. How exciting! Be sure to join us for this event, Wednesday, April 3, at 2:00 pm in front of the secondary campus. Once we get our building permit from the city of Abbotsford, we will get started on the actual project. The first part of the project will take place at the middle school.

What’s Happened?

A project of this scope requires many ongoing decisions behind the scenes:

  • Fricia Construction has been busy prepping the site for when we can actually begin construction. Included in prepping the site for construction was clearing out the middle school playground area. This space will serve as the “staging area” for construction.
  • Fricia Construction has been directing the work required to bring the new portables up to “Use Permit” standards from the City of Abbotsford. We anticipate obtaining this permit in time for students to move in for early April 2019.
  • A key part of the project included an upgrade to the middle school HVAC systems. This important work has happened over the course of spring break with every intention to have an effective working HVAC system in time for the warmer weather that normally shows up in the late spring.
  • Steve Atsma (TSI Project Coordinator) and Tanya Kieneker (Marketing Coordinator) are directing the interior design team as we put together a plan for all of the uses of the spaces and determine what types of furniture and equipment are needed. Take a look at the most recent floor plans.

What’s Up Next? 

  • Fricia Construction is busy working through the tender process with the trades and is finalizing a budget and timeline for the board to track and stay on top of.
  • The trades process will be an important one, and we are grateful for the many members of our community who are going to be a part of this project—another reminder of the incredible community that ACS is a part of. Julius Siebenga (Executive Director), Rick Thiessen (Board Chairperson), and Steve Atsma (TSI Project Coordinator) will be working alongside Fricia Construction for the selection process. This will happen during the first couple weeks of April.
  • Steve Atsma and Fricia Construction are continuing to work with Craven Huston Powers (our architects) and the City of Abbotsford to bring the building permit process to completion.

Prayer Requests

All of this work is happening simultaneously and it’s important that each of these steps is done well. As we balance the needs of today with the needs and desires of tomorrow, getting this project right is ultra-important. Pray for the leadership of the TSI Building Project. We are making important decisions on a daily basis that affect us all.

If you have any questions or concerns, please be in touch:

Julius Siebenga – Executive Director 
Steve Atsma – TSI Project Coordinator 

See you at the ground breaking!

TSI Building Project Communications Team