The summer has come and gone, and although we are (at the time of this writing) still anxiously awaiting an official building permit from the city of Abbotsford, we are happy to report some of the progress that we were able to achieve over the summer.

For those of you new to our community, this monthly update is an important platform we use to keep everyone as up to date as possible with what is happening with our TSI Building Project.


  • We did everything we could to move the building permit process forward. We have recognized the complications that the delays of the project start date have caused—and we continued to do what we could to expedite the process.
  • In the absence of the building permit, Fricia Construction recognized some minor renovations in the project that we could get started on over the summer, which didn’t require the permit. We commenced this work and hope to be 90% complete once the students return (not including the weight room and cardio room).
  • Key areas of renovation included:
    • Changing the current secondary library to the new design which includes a computer lab, new international students classroom and revamped office area, and new weight room and cardio room.
    • Adding storage spaces and office areas in the multi-purpose room to better accommodate the needs of the drama program.
    • Prepped the back of the school area for construction.


  • We continue to put most of our focus on getting the building permit, doing everything we can to expedite the process.  We are already quite far behind in our timeline and will need to readjust once we receive the permit.
  • With the changes to some of the learning areas in the secondary campus, there will be adjustments made to help accommodate the changes.  Staff have been expecting the project as a whole to have been started, and so are ready to take on the challenges before them.  They will also guide students on the new usage of these learning spaces. 

Thanks again for your prayers and support. We continue to celebrate this project as a community project, and have appreciated the many levels of support we’ve received thus far.  God is good!

If you have any questions or concerns, please be in touch.

Julius Siebenga, Executive Director
Steve Atsma, TSI Project Coordinator


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