Hello ACS Community!

The portables are here! The portables are here!

Yes. The long-awaited portables have arrived! So why is that so exciting you may ask…?

These were urgently needed to alleviate the current space concerns at the middle school. As a result of the space crunch at this campus, two of our staff, Carrie Lockwood and Sandra Barthel, have been managing their classes in less than ideal conditions since the start of the year.

These are all factors of a growing student population (the proverbial “good problem to have”), and the challenge has been to serve them as best as we can. The willingness and can-do attitude of all these individuals (teachers and students) has been sincerely appreciated – thank you, Carrie and Sandra, for getting us to this point! In the meantime, these two portables are a welcome interim solution until the building project is complete.

For context, since the beginning of the year, the music class with Sandra Barthel has been practicing guitar in the hallways. Not ideal, as you can imagine. The sometimes melodic sounds of grade 6 students learning guitar for the first time is a wonderful example of “making a joyful noise,” but it can be a tad distracting to other classrooms.

And, since the middle school is now blessed to accommodate 4 classes of grade 6 students, instead of 3, a grade 7 class has been without a true classroom space since September. As a result, Carrie Lockwood’s grade 7C class temporarily occupying the Maker Space room, which presented logistical challenges of its own. Less than ideal as well.

So now, as we kick off the month of November, the whirlwind of activity is centered on getting these portables operational and ready for occupancy. Both of them are now in place on the tennis courts beside the middle school and the required hook-ups for electrical and fire code are in progress. Expected occupancy is the second week of November.

Regarding the rest of the building project, we are ready to submit for the building permit in the next week or so once the permit drawings come back from the architect. Still forecasting to receiving our permit in February/March 2019.

Thank you for praying for your school and these projects. We will be able to reveal many more details as well as finalized drawings at the upcoming AGM on November 22. Please mark your calendars to attend and see the final floor plan, as well as a final 3D fly-through video. Yes, it’s the real deal finally, not just a concept – it’s the exciting culmination of hours of feedback.

Looking forward to a historic ground-breaking next spring! Hope to see you this month, Thursday, November 22 at 7:00 pm, to learn more!


Brian Koning
Director of Advancement
(on behalf of the TSI Leadership Team)