Join us in welcoming or welcoming back the following staff to ACS!


Everly Brown: Educational Assistant. We are excited to welcome Everly to the ACS Elementary team as an educational assistant.

Denielle Boudreau: Educational Assistant. We welcome Denielle to the ACS Elementary staff team! We look forward to the gifts and talents she will bring to our community as an educational assistant.

Corinna Fair: Grade 1 Teacher. She comes to us with several years of experience teaching primary grades in the Abbotsford School District and is excited to be able to openly talk about Jesus and His love with her students next year. We look forward to the gifts and talents she will bring to our community.

Amanda Martens: Kindergarten and Music Teacher. We are excited to welcome Amanda Martens to the ACS Elementary staff team.  Amanda comes to us with a wide variety of teaching experience and a passion for building relationships and engaging with students. She will use her strong background in collaboration, and her experience as an elementary music teacher as she joins the Kindergarten team as the itinerant teacher. In addition to kindergarten, Amanda will also be working with Melanie Rae and teaching some primary music classes.


Jenine Baart: Educational Assistant. Jenine is an ACS parent who has also provided day care to children of ACS staff members in the past number of years. We are excited to have Jenine join our staff as an educational assistant while she completes her EA certification at Columbia Bible College. She is eager to put her studies into practice in real time in the year ahead. Welcome to ACMS as a staff member now, Jenine!

Rachel Holland: Grade 6 Teacher. Rachel is the wife of Ben McLeod who we just hired to teach grade 7 and is from Ontario. Rachel will be teaching grade 6 here at ACS and she comes with 13 years of experience. She has a passion for teaching the language arts and especially drama.

Kirsten Klompmaker: Grade 6 Teacher. Kirsten recently graduated from Redeemer University in Ontario and will be teaching grade 6, including all four sections of grade 6 French. Kirsten has a passion for the French language and lived in France for six months as part of her studies. We look forward to welcoming Kirsten to ACS Middle!

Ben McLeod: Grade 7 Teacher. Ben has accepted our offer to teach one of our grade 7 homeroom classes. Ben and his wife will be moving to Abbotsford from Belleville, Ontario, where Ben has been teaching at Trenton Christian School. Ben brings a passion for working with middle schoolers and a love for sports/coaching (he played professional hockey before he began teaching).

Melissa Miller: Educational Assistant. Melissa is connected to the ACS community through her mom, Barb Stewart, who is on staff at the secondary campus. Melissa is an MEI grad, and has completed her Special Needs Diploma at UFV. She has also worked for Community Services in both Abbotsford and Mission and as an on-call EA at the elementary campus. We are excited to have you join us, Melissa!

John van der Leek: Middle School Vice Principal and Teacher. John has been hired as the new middle school vice-principal, after serving for many years at Langley Christian School. We look forward to the wisdom and experience that John will bring into this role.

Zoe Webster: Grade 7 Teacher. Zoe is graduating from The King’s University. She has passions in English, social studies, and art. We are super excited to have Zoe joining us next year!


Todd Bakker: Math and Science Teacher. Todd has previously taught math and science classes at Surrey Christian School, as well as being involved in their international program. Todd has a master’s degree from SFU in curriculum and instruction.

Kassandra Berger: Educational Assistant. We are excited to welcome Kassandra to our ACS Secondary team as an educational assistant.

Kyle Brosseau: Educational Assistant. We welcome Kyle to our ACS Secondary team and look forward to the gifts and talents you bring to our community.

Jami Derejko: English Language Learner Teacher. Jami is known to many ACS from her previous work as middle school ELL teacher and short-term programs coordinator. In her new role as ELL Teacher, Jami will be involved at both secondary and middle school campuses as she works with our international students. We are so thankful and look forward to working together once again!

Pamela Van Dop: Math and Science Teacher. Pamela last taught at ACS in 2011 and has been a guest teacher throughout our system these past number of years. We are excited to welcome her to our campus and look forward to reconnecting with her!


Rick Brands: Director of Facilities. Rick will be responsible for building maintenance, janitorial services, and grounds work. Rick is a graduate of ACS and his children attended ACS.

Don and Lori Kowalchuk: Café Coordinators. Don and Lori have graciously accepted the position of Café operator at the secondary/middle school campus. Don and Lori are long time parents and volunteers at the school and Don has been heavily involved in volunteering at the middle school campus.

Moving Positions Within ACS

Christine Beugelink: Kindergarten Teacher. With experience as the kindergarten itinerant teacher, Christine is switching roles as she takes on the part-time kindergarten class vacated by Janita Minderhoud. We are excited for her passion for nature and outdoor education to influence the way her students experience learning in their kindergarten year.

Melissa Dick: Grade 1 Teacher. Melissa joined ACS as a 50% grade 1 teacher this year.  We are so happy that she’s decided to stay and teach grade 1 full-time while her teaching partner goes on parental leave.

Susan Dykshoorn: Grade 1 Teacher. Susan will be transitioning to teaching one day per week next year and will spend the rest of her time at Trinity Western University, working as a faculty associate in their teacher education program. This is an exciting opportunity for Susan, yet we are grateful that she will remain with us as she is.

Becky Enns: Grade 5 Teacher. Becky has been coordinating/teaching our “home learning” program this year and next year she will be back in middle school again! She agreed to team teach with Janice van der Leek in grade 5 next year.

Jordyn Erickson: Grade 6 Teacher. Jordyn has spent her first year at middle teaching with enthusiasm and energy in a grade 7 class, but she will be making a change. We are looking forward to seeing how God will use your gifts at the grade 6 level this next year, Jordyn!

Linda Howard: Main Reception Admin Assistant. Linda has served as the middle school administrative assistant for the past seven years and now she will be the main admin assistant/receptionist (grades 5-12 and admin) and the first person to greet you when you enter the middle/secondary campus.

Tanya Kieneker: EdTech Coordinator. This K-12 position will focus on supporting educational staff to be better equipped to educate their students from a technology perspective. Tanya has been with the school since 2014, serving as our marketing coordinator – a role she will continue.

Gaylene Larsen: Director of Learning Support Services (K-12). Gaylene is one of the current secondary LSS Coordinators as well as one of the two secondary vice principals and has been at ACS for 13 years. Although this is a significant loss to the secondary campus, it is a significant gain to the system.

Carrie Lockwood: Grade 8 Teacher. After a few years serving as our middle school athletic director and teaching some of our grade 7 and 8 PE classes, Carrie will be returning to the classroom as one of our grade 8 humanities teachers.

Janita Minderhoud: Grade 1 Teacher. After a number of wonderful years in kindergarten (full-time and part-time), Janita has decided to graduate with her students and move to grade 1 next year.  While she will be missed on the K Team, we know she will do excellent work with grade 1 students.

Amy Morrow: Secondary LSS Coordinator. Amy has taught grade 8, grade 6, and music in the middle school and will now be moving to the secondary Learning Support Services Department as the new LSS Coordinator. Amy is currently undertaking a master’s degree at Trinity Western University in special education.

Hieke Morton: Secondary Foods Teacher. Hieke has dreamed for many years to open a non-profit grocery store, and in recent months God has opened countless doors to make this long-standing dream a reality! Next year Hieke will be opening the Gathering Mar-KIT and as a result she will be moving to working part-time at ACS. Hieke and ACS are looking for opportunities for our staff and students to learn and partner with this important ministry. We look forward to hearing more about her journey and exciting vision for this important place.

Julie Russell: Grade 8 Teacher. Julie has been working mainly in our secondary campus for the past five years as a member of the international student’s department. Julie has experience teaching English and a passion for sharing God’s Word.

Kerry Schwenneker: Elementary Library Tech. Kerry has been working in the middle/secondary library for the past several years. Due to some restructuring in the new Learning Commons, Kerry will be focused solely at the elementary campus.

Teresa Spyksma: Secondary Vice Principal and LSS Coordinator. Teresa has served as an LSS Coordinator at the secondary campus for the past seven years. She has a master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Dordt University and is looking forward to growing in her leadership capacity as a member of the Secondary Admin Team.

Bobbi Stout: Middle and Secondary Admin Assistant. Bobbi has been secondary administrative assistant for the past five years and will take on this role for both the middle and secondary campuses for the new school year.

Alison Williams: Secondary Foods and PE Teacher. Alison has most recently worked at the middle campus teaching textiles and graciously stepped into teaching some grade 8 music appreciation and French this spring. Next year, she will continue with grade 8 textiles in addition to her new roles.

Kit Williams: Middle School Athletic Director and PE Teacher. After four years of service in the grade 6 classroom, Kit is transitioning to being a full time PE teacher and Athletic Director at the Middle campus.


We are sad to say goodbye to the following staff members; join us in thanking everyone below for their many contributions to our ACS community! We have been blessed by them and we pray for God’s direction, protection, and blessing as they move on to a new season of their life.


Symone Albright: Educational Assistant. Symone has worked at ACS as a skilled educational assistant since 2018. Her kind, capable, and approachable presence draws in both students and adults. We will miss her as she finishes her degree as a youth care worker at UFV and moves to Vancouver.

Crystal Barry: Grade 1 Teacher. Crystal was on maternity/parental leave last school year. She has decided to stay home full-time while her daughter is still young. We will miss her on the grade 1 team but wish her joy and happiness. She looks forward to eventually popping by and visiting campus once the COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocols have relaxed a little.

Michelle Burnett: Educational Assistant. Michelle has been an educational assistant at the elementary campus for 8 years. In September she will finish her final year to gain her teaching certificate at UBC. Although Michelle will be missed on the LSS team, we wish her God’s richest blessings in her teaching career.

Anastasia Breukelman: Educational Assistant. Anastasia has decided to resign as she prepares to move her life up to Northern BC. Anastasia is a dedicated and talented educational assistant, and her presence will be missed next year.

Birte Kroeker: Grade 1 Teacher. will be on maternity leave next year. It was a joy to have Birte back on campus this year as a 50% grade 1 teacher. We wish her well as she, with her husband and two boys prepare to welcome their third child into their family this fall. Birte will be on parental leave for the 2021-2022 school year.

Patti Shaw: Educational Assistant. Patti has made the decision to retire after 20 years of dedicated service in her role. In all this time we have appreciated her gentle and kind way of caring for students. Her presence will be missed next year. We wish her God’s blessings as she prepares to begin this new chapter of her life.


Janelle Borders: Grade 8 Teacher. Janelle has been at ACS for just a year, and she has been a great contributor to our grade 8 program as one of the Humanities 8 teachers. Janelle and her husband are looking for a new community to serve in, and we wish them God’s blessings.

Jocelyn Chowdhry: Grade 7 Teacher. Jocelyn has been a wonderful advocate for her students as part of our grade 7 team. We wish Jocelyn and her husband Ryan (see below), the Lord’s richest blessings as they seek to serve Him elsewhere.

Steven Giesbrecht: Educational Assistant. Steven will be leaving us to take up a position a little closer to his eastern Chilliwack home, at Agassiz Christian School. We know that he will use his varied gifts to bless that community.

Debbie Ralph: Educational Assistant. Debbie has been an EA on our campus since 2018 and worked with several grade levels, most recently working with grade 8 students. Debbie has brought much joy to our campus with her positive attitude, and she will be missed. Debbie and her husband are relocating to Alberta to be closer to family.

Anaesha Ridder: Educational Assistant. Anaesha joined us officially earlier this spring to help the 7B class several days each week. Anaesha will be moving to Delta with her new husband after their July wedding. Congratulations to you both!

Darren Spyksma: Grade 7 Teacher. Darren joined us this spring to co-teach grade 7 and has provided insight and support for both the class and the teaching team. We consider it a blessing to have had Darren on our campus and have appreciated the gifts he shared with the students and the team.

Paul Still: PE and Bible Teacher. Paul will be retiring after being at ACS Middle for 12 years. He first joined us as a vice-principal and then as an itinerant teacher. We wish God’s richest blessings to Paul and Carol as they find new rhythms in life away from ACS!

Roy van Eerden: Vice Principal and Grade 5 Teacher (formerly elementary principal). Roy has decided to officially retire, and we are so very grateful that he rounded out his career with helping the grade 5’s transition to middle school this year. We wish you God’s richest blessings as you move on from ACS, Roy!

Kyle VanderEnde: Grade 8 Teacher. Kyle has been one of our grade 8 humanities teachers for the past three years. Kyle has also served our campus community by teaching French and some PE. Kyle is looking to make the move into his family’s business, and we pray that God blesses him in his new endeavours!

Heidi Van Weelden: Grade 8 Teacher. Prior to her maternity leave, Heidi was one of our grade 8 humanities teachers. She has also been a contributor to our campus community as a coach and as a mentor to many students. Heidi is shifting to take on the role of distributed learning teacher and we know that she will bless a new community of students and their families.

Karen Williams: Learning Support Services Coordinator. Karen will be retiring from her work as Learning Support Services Coordinator at the end of this year but will be on campus from time-to-time next year to assist with student assessments. Karen has been with ACS for 26 years as an EA and as a Coordinator and she has always brought life and laughter to our staff community. While we will miss her daily presence on campus, we are grateful that she will continue to play a role in the ACMS community next year.

Jonathan Zuidhof: Teacher and Vice Principal. Jonathan has been away from our campus and the role as one of our vice principals for this past year as he took a leave of absence. Subsequently, Jonathan has decided to leave us beyond his LOA. While here, Jonathan’s tremendous leadership contributed to our campus community and he will be missed.


Heather Belanger: Educational Assistant. God has given Heather the opportunity to help build a ministry in Abbotsford called Three Peaks Recreational Outreach. Due to the nature of this outdoor ministry, Heather will be returning to school to complete a certificate in Emergency Rescue Technician to gain further knowledge in this field. We wish her God’s blessings as she starts this new adventure!

Sarah Bomhof: Educational Assistant. Sarah left us after the end of the second quarter this year. She and her husband Eric have moved to Ecuador! In a time and place where travel is out of the question for many of us feel free to follow their journey through a series of vlogs as they explore more of our God’s beautiful world.

Ryan Chowdhry: Math Teacher. Ryan joined us this year to cover a maternity leave position. Ryan and his wife Jocelyn (current grade 7 teacher) are looking to move to somewhere else in BC. We wish Ryan and Jocelyn God’s provision and blessing as they step out in faith together looking to serve him elsewhere.

Rachel Hills: Educational Assistant. Rachel is leaving ACS to pursue a degree in kinesiology at Capilano University next year and hopefully go on to become a physiotherapist. Blessings as you pursue this new vocation, Rachel!

Kathleen McLeod: Educational Assistant. Kathleen has decided not to return to ACS after the completion of her maternity leave. She plans to spend time with her twins and we wish her well in this new chapter of her life.

Jessica Thiessen: Science/PE/Outdoor Education Teacher. Jessica has decided to not return to ACS after the completion of her maternity leave. We are grateful for her many contributions to our school and community. We wish her God’s richest blessing as she enjoys more time with her two children.


Rick Fast: Bus Driver. Rick retired earlier this year after six wonderful years of service to ACS. We will miss his consistent positivity and exceptional driving abilities to help bring our kids to and from school safely.