Did you know that ACS has an annual Staff Recognition Celebration to honour and recognize those staff members in our community who have been with the school for many years?

At this celebration, we recognize three different categories:

  1. Those retiring (listed in the hellos and good-byes section)
  2. Those leaving (listed in the hellos and good-byes section)
  3. And those who have been with us for intervals of five years. In this category, we recognize these staff members with a gift from the school for their service.

We’d like to share this list of staff with you, who have been with us for five year intervals.  Thank you to our staff who been serving ACS for many years.


Name Current Position Years of Service at ACS
Krista Brandsma Grade 4 teacher 5
Kim Fleming Grade 2 teacher 5
Lindsay Gilmour Educational assistant 5
Sonja Hiebert Educational assistant 5
Birte Kroeker Grade 1 teacher 5
Gayle Ritsema Grade 2 teacher 5
Annette Trent Kindergarten teacher 5
Sharon Allan Educational assistant 10
Karin Riemer Principal 10
Donna Stark Educational assistant 10
Sharon Berger  Receptionist 15
Hilda deWolde Grade 2 teacher 15
Harriet Noot Educational assistant 15
Denise Konynenbelt  Preschool manager and teacher 20
Matthew Sherwood Learning support services coordinator 25
Linda Groot Librarian 25


Name Current Position Years of Service at ACS
Karin Hoogland Educational assistant 5
Alanna VanWoudenberg Educational assistant 5
Dan Verbeek Grade 7 teacher 5
Esther Vuong Educational assistant 5
Sandra Barthel Vice principal, grade 7 teacher 15


Name Current Position Years of Service at ACS
Monica deRegt Academic counsellor 5
Joanne Friesen Educational assistant 5
Julie Russell English language learner teacher 5
Bobbi Stout Administrative assistant 5
Kayla Vandenberg Science, math, chemistry teacher  5
Jennifer Wittrup Administrative assistant 10
Bill Workman Band, choir teacher 20
Dani deJong English, textiles teacher 30