Exciting. That was the word heard frequently at the recent Annual Fall Society Meeting, held November 22nd. And for good reason.

ex·cit·ing : /ikˈsīdiNG/ : adjective
  1. causing great enthusiasm and eagerness.

It could have been in reference to the very positive balanced-budget financials that were shared by board treasurer, Kevin DeWolde… great report, Kevin! 

Or it could have been in connection with the incredible announcement of $135,000 raised at the auction, as reported by auction team chair, Denise Dejonge… amazing job, Denise! 

But most especially exciting, was the news that we are now marching ahead with the finalized plans for TSI/Building project – the application for our building permit has been submitted! A great cause for enthusiasm and eagerness. And thankfulness. 

On behalf of the Board, the Leadership Team, and the Building Committee, we heard from Rick Thiessen, Julius Siebenga, and Steve Atsma. We reflected on the fact that this incredible journey of faith began with a few small steps over 6 years ago. Now, many, many hundreds of conversations later, and several fly-through videos later, we have a final design representing so many of our ideals for providing our students with the best learning experience possible. Another good cause for excitement! 

It’s also exciting that this final rendition represents the sum total of all the feedback that we received along the way from our amazing community. We’ve been listening – to staff – to students – to parents – and to honorary members. When you watch the video, take note of a significant change – the exterior of the new learning commons has half as much glass as was first proposed. There is now just one wall of glass. This change will address a number of practical concerns for how we plan to use this large open multi-purpose space, as well it will make it easier to manage lighting and the seasonal temperature control issues. 

All in all this exciting final design will present a fresh new architectural face for ACS from Old Clayburn road – and the abundance of additional interior space will also serve our students, teachers, and community very well for so many practical reasons – chapels, meetings, parent presentations, POL nights, events, conferences, drama performances, honorary members banquets, church rentals etc. We’re also excited that the “round classroom” design proposed by the student-led IDEA Team made it into this final iteration – thank you, IDEA Team students, for your thoughtful input! 

Thank you all for all your feedback. Enjoy having a look at the architectural renderings. More exciting times ahead!  Check out the fly-through video below.


Brian Koning
Director of Advancement
(on behalf of the TSI Leadership Team)